Our Rehab Programme

At Rehab 4 Alcoholism we refer patients to rehabilitation centres throughout the United Kingdom.The rehabilitation programmes we offer are tailored to the specific nature of your alcohol addiction. We do not provide general rehabilitation since we feel each person is different. However, all of our programmes begin with detoxification and then move on to therapy and counselling sessions. All our programmes include an element of aftercare, where support is continued once rehabilitation has drawn to a conclusion. In regards to treatment length, the longer the treatment then the greater its effect. Our programmes typically take up to four weeks to complete, although some programmes require additional time to be successful.

Tranquil and relaxing settings

All alcohol rehabilitation centres we work with offer treatment in tranquil and relaxing settings. Quality treatment is provided by expert medical practitioners and alcohol addiction counsellors.

We complete centre checks on your behalf

We vigorously vet all of centres we may refer you to. We go some way to checking:

  • Rehabilitation centres specialise in treating alcoholism
  • Proof of accreditations
  • Practitioners’ credentials
  • Statistical effectiveness of treatment
  • Aftercare and extended care options

Programmes we recommend typically are residential in nature. This means you live in the centre whilst you undergo treatment.

Detoxification programme

During detoxification, all traces of alcohol are removed from your body. Withdrawal symptoms are monitored by a team of medical experts. Withdrawing from alcohol can posse serious risks including commas and even death. Detoxification programmes thus include 24 hours a day medical observation so withdrawal symptoms can pass without serious consequences. Detoxification typically takes between seven to fifteen days in order to complete. Generally, the more severe the alcohol addiction the longer the required detoxification period.

Once withdrawal symptoms stabilise during detoxification you begin counselling and therapy sessions. You receive treatment for the psychological aspect of addiction. ‘Talking therapies’ are combined with a number of ‘alternative’ therapy techniques such as meditation, yoga and art therapy.

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If you seek rehabilitation for your alcohol addiction we draw your attention to the postcode rehabilitation finder below which locates a centre in your area.

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