Admissions to Alcohol Rehabilitation

Rehab 4 Alcoholism offers rehabilitation services to suit most budgets. Because we maintain working relationships with rehabilitation centres throughout the United Kingdom we are able to match appropriate treatment plans to your particular situation. We have reference to your location and available funding. We structure your payment plan so residential rehabilitation is not outside your means.

You are assured the cost of your treatment is all-inclusive of essentials you require during your stay. This includes detoxification, boarding, food, counselling, therapy, one-to-one nursing and medication.

Paying for your treatment

The majority of patients we admit into rehabilitation pay privately for treatment. Paying privately for treatment ensures swift admission within 24 hours upon completion of initial assessment assuming medical records are not required.

If you plan to receive funding through public means you must contact the NHS first before you contact us. Typically you are required to prove you have exhausted a number of free treatments before the NHS releases funds for private residential rehabilitation. The hurdles are usually high and red tape means much time must pass before you become eligible for public funding. Funding availability is patchy at best depending on where you live.

We accept payment for alcohol rehabilitation by means of medical insurance policy. Our admissions team is able to conduct negotiations with your insurance company on your behalf.

What to expect during alcohol rehabilitation

Before being admitted you are required to run through initial assessment so your personalised rehabilitation plan is drawn up. Our partner centre may require a letter from your GP in rare circumstances. This could be the case if you suffer from high blood pressure. Pre-admissions assessment is completed by a psychiatrist or alcohol addiction counsellor. You receive our admissions pack detailing what to expect during treatment.

Why Rehab 4 Alcoholism

Rehab 4 Alcoholism provides independent and unbiased alcohol rehabilitation advice for thousands of alcoholics each year living in the United Kingdom. We work independently from the rehabilitation industry. Our advice is unbiased towards any particular treatment or centre. Call our admissions team today on 0800 111 4108.

If you seek rehabilitation for your alcohol addiction within your local area then we draw your attention to the postcode rehabilitation centre finder below which locates a centre in your area.