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Published On: June 10, 2015

Are you a ‘rehab tourist’ residing in the United Kingdom?

If so Rehab 4 Alcoholism can help you select effective rehabilitation services abroad. We work with a variety of centres located throughout the World including Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Dubai, United States, and South America. Brits are increasingly willing to receive rehabilitation abroad. This is typically due to the cost and quality of treatment on offer. Even when the cost of flights is factored-in, patients can still expect to save several thousand pounds off treatment costs.

A willingness to receive rehab treatment abroad opens up literally a whole new world of choice. Treatments tend to be consistent across the Globe but the unique climate or culture of certain locations may be highly attractive to some. For instance, Thailand offers treatment in accordance with traditional Buddhist traditions. South Africa offers stunning views most European centres could only dream of.

Below we list some of the key benefits of receiving alcohol rehabilitation services abroad:

#1.    Cost

As stated above those receiving treatment abroad can expect to save several thousand pounds compared to paying for treatment here in the United Kingdom. Even once flights have been paid the overall bill for foreign treatment still clocks lower compared to many UK treatment options.

Treatment abroad may mean those on a low-to-modest salary are able to gain access to highly-rated rehabilitation services.

Of course, my assertion is rather broad since many foreign rehab centres charge a similar price to that charged by centres in the UK. To learn the costs involved you really need to call our admissions team who will kindly run you through treatment costs for your target location.

#2.    Broader recovery options

A willingness to travel abroad opens up a multitude of different and diverse treatment options. Programmes on offer abroad may match patients’ wishes better than programmes available domestically here in the UK.

#3.    Extra privacy

Travelling abroad offers patients a powerful excuse for ‘taking time off work’. Returning home following rehab with a suntan provides evidence patients ‘just took a holiday’. If you took four weeks off work to attend a UK centre, colleagues and family members may wonder where you’ve been. Whilst we encourage patients to embrace recovery with pride (addiction is a disease after all), some patients enjoy the added factor of ‘deniability’ foreign rehab offers.

#4.    Attend rehab in an exotic location

Whilst Brighton and Blackpool may be fine, it would be hard to favourably compare these locations with the beaches of Southern Thailand or the mountains of Switzerland. Foreign centres offer locations of natural beauty the UK, unfortunately, struggles to compete with.

#5.    Increases commitment to long-term recovery

Commitment to recovery is a vital component of any successful rehabilitation programme. If patients don’t wish to change any form of treatment is likely to fail. Patients must make a series of psychological and physical commitments in order to remain in recovery. Travelling abroad to receive treatment shows commitment on behalf of the patient. Thus travelling abroad in order to receive treatment cement the recovery process more so than merely receiving treatment in one’s home country.

Generally the greater the effort the greater the commitment!


We hope you enjoyed this post on receiving alcohol rehab services abroad. Be sure to browse our library of blog posts and check back regularly for updates.

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