Advantages of Home Detox for Alcoholism

Published On: June 10, 2015

If you’re addicted to alcohol it is essential you pass the detoxification milestone. In order to free yourself from the reins of alcohol addiction, you must purge your system of all alcohol toxins. This is the aim of detox whether taking place in a residential or outpatient setting.

Whilst fully residential rehabilitation must de facto be preferred to a home based detox, the latter may be the only option to those lacking viable funding options for the former.

In this post, we outline the virtues of a home based detox.

Whilst many disadvantages exist, this post focuses solely on a home-based detox’s advantages.

Let’s begin…

#1.    Cost

Hands down the key advantage of a home based detox are costs. A home detox is several times cheaper than a fully or quasi-residential rehabilitation programme. Some addicts simply cannot find the funding required for residential programmes. Home-based detox offers a cheap alternative, no matter how inferior that alternative arguably may be.

#2.    Speed

A home based detox is usually possible within 48 hours after you call our admissions team. A doctor travels to your property and determines your suitability to begin a home detox. If you are given the green light a number of prescription medications are offered to ease withdrawal symptoms experienced during the acute detoxification period.

#3.    Loved ones are able to attend/provide care

Most residential rehabs prevent patients from seeing family during detox. This is so patients can focus solely on the task at hand. However, a home detox means loved ones can attend and provide support. Loved ones are in fact recommended to provide 24/7 care during the acute detox period. Although a home detox means you do not receive the same level of care provided in a residential clinic, you will, however, receive your care from familiar faces.

#4.    No rules

When you detox from home you can watch as much TV as you please. You’ll be free to surf the internet, smoke cigarettes and use your mobile phone. Most of these activities are either totally forbidden or severely restricted in a residential unit.

#5.    Privacy

When you attend a residential clinic you’ll be in contact with other patients and staff. Some may cringe at this lack of privacy. If you receive treatment from your own home you obviously are not required to share treatment space with anybody else.


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