Dangers of Mixing Cocaine with Alcohol

Published On: December 17, 2015

Rehab 4 Alcoholism receives hundreds of calls each week from people suffering from an addiction to alcohol. Unfortunately, many of these people also use cocaine in order to drink more alcohol and to lengthen drinking sessions. This practice is incredibly reckless given the immediate health dangers this practice brings. Mixing cocaine with alcohol compounds the dangerous effects of both drugs. In fact, the Office of National Statistics reveals two hundred and forty-seven people died during 2014 because alcohol was mixed with cocaine. This equates to over four deaths each week. In this post, we outline, in clear scientific terms, why you must never mix cocaine with alcohol. If you suffer from a cocaine addiction then we recommend you do not mix cocaine with alcohol at all costs.

The clear and present danger of cocaine-alcohol use

Between 2013 and 2014 the number of cocaine-induced deaths rose from one hundred and sixty-nine in 2013 up to two hundred and forty-seven in 2014. This represents a 41.6% increase. This increase has largely been left unreported due to the media’s obsession with ‘legal highs’. Many of these deaths occurred because cocaine was mixed with alcohol.

Why cocaine and alcohol are commonly mixed

Alcohol and cocaine are often mixed because of circumstances. This is because both cocaine and alcohol are associated with ‘a night out on the town’. Therefore, many people mix cocaine with alcohol simply because that is what is expected. However, regular cocaine users choose to mix the two drugs for more conscious reasons. These reasons focus on the fact that snorting cocaine allows users to ‘party’ longer when under the influence of alcohol. This is why it is common for cocaine to be consumed during music festivals when people start to drink during the afternoon. Alternatively, many users choose to mix cocaine with alcohol because alcohol is thought to prolong cocaine’s ability to ‘get them high.’

Why it is dangerous to mix alcohol with cocaine

Now you know why people mix cocaine with alcohol, we now outline specifically why it is dangerous to mix the two. The primary danger from mixing cocaine with alcohol is that when the two collide with each other, a metabolite known as ‘cocaethylene’ is produced in the liver. Cocaethylene is produced in the liver. This substance is highly toxic and capable of damaging cells contained in the liver. Cocaethylene may also cause heart palpitations. These palpitations may lead to cardiac arrest, coma and eventually death. Cocaethylene is much more toxic to the body when compared to pure cocaine. For this reason, it takes the liver around four additional hours to break down cocaethylene when compared to pure cocaine.

In England and Wales, the NHS estimates around four people are treated for cocaethylene toxification every single day. Many of these hospital admissions and deaths would have been avoided if cocaine was not mixed with alcohol. The NHS claims cocaethylene toxification is around twenty-five times as lethal when compared to cocaine toxification.

Other risks

Whilst the above information should be enough to scare anyone from mixing cocaine and alcohol, we would like to draw your attention other risks when you choose to take this reckless action.

Principally, you risk your reputation, career and even freedom when you choose to mix cocaine with alcohol. This is because you are much more likely to commit an illegal action when under the dual influence of alcohol and cocaine. These illegal actions commonly include physical violence against another, operating a vehicle and criminal damage. Police forces across the United Kingdom are known for blaming increases on crime on cocaine use, and for good reason too. Merseyside police estimate nearly fifty percent of violent crimes are committed by people under the influence of drugs, with cocaine being a major culprit. If you wish to keep out of trouble with the law then we highly recommend you do not mix cocaine with alcohol. Better still, avoid both of these drugs entirely.

How Rehab 4 Alcoholism can help

If you suffer from an alcohol problem then call Rehab 4 Alcoholism today. We work with alcohol detox clinics throughout the United Kingdom. Our helpline is utterly confidential and our admissions advisors are able to locate a treatment programme that is fully tailored to your needs. Call today on 0800 111 4108 or contact us by clicking here.


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