Pubs Cash in on Soft Drinks

Published On: February 15, 2016

Shockingly, it’s been widely reported that licenced premises up and down Britain chose to increase the price of soft drinks during ‘dry January.’

Reports say some pubs are charging up to £4.50 for a pint of cola, lemonade and lime & soda.

It is believed pubs, restaurants and nightclubs have seen their profits dwindle this January as great numbers of us have chosen to abstain from drinking alcohol following the Christmas season.

An attack on the principles of dry January?

The report was conducted by Club Soda, a group that promotes responsible drinking.

Shockingly, the report says staff at one well-known pub chain had been instructed to charge customers ‘what they see fit’ for a soft drink.

One London bar is said to have charged nothing for a soft drink, whilst charging another unlucky customer £2.50 for a glass of lime and soda.

An utter disregard for people’s wish to cut down

Todd Jenny from Ipswich said he’d been charged £4.20 for a pint of cola.

He said: “I was very let down by these charges for a cola.

“A beer only costs £3.00, and we all know that soft drinks don’t attract the same level of tax as alcoholic drinks.

“The cynic in me says pubs and bars are just trying to make up the shortfall in revenue caused by dry January.”

This behaviour has led many to criticise this unscrupulous element within the hospitality industry.

Some have even said this behaviour is an attack on the principles that dry January enshrines.


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