Alcohol Rehab in Brecon

The UK has a serious problem with addiction, and Brecon is no exception.

There were 53 counts of drug-related crimes in Brecon in 2021.

This reveals that addiction exists in a serious way, and that the people of Brecon require appropriate support.

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How Addiction Affects The Brain

Addiction brain

It’s really important when thinking about addiction to remember that it is an illness.

Addiction is not a matter of choice, of being right or wrong or making good or bad decisions.

There are healthy and unhealthy behaviours, and an addiction is an illness where the brain has structurally altered to make unhealthy behaviours repeat.

Entering a rehab in Brecon offers the treatments people need to create new neural pathways in the brain.

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This is where the biological approach to recovery starts.

The emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of recovery are also addressed at rehab.

Addiction And Mental Health As Dual Diagnosis


Many people enter rehab and will discover that they have a mental health condition as well as an addiction.

While this might feel like another stressful thing to worry about, it’s actually a space where learning and growth can occur.

The reality is that many people with addictions also have mental health conditions.

The two create a well-known cycle.

Severe Addiction

People often turn to substances to manage mental health symptoms.

For example, if a person feels low they might turn to alcohol or cocaine to try and improve their mood.

When a person uses this coping mechanism often, it can morph into an addiction.

Likewise, people who use substances can develop a mental health condition from it.

For example, cannabis is highly linked to psychosis.

Abstinence And Rehab In Brecon

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There are different aims people might have in mind when they go to rehab, but what has to be remembered is that the main goal is sobriety.

It’s not a place that focuses on harm reduction tips.

Local NHS drug and alcohol services offer that along with other services you don’t see at rehabs such as needle exchanges.

This is because NHS services serve people at all stages of change, not just in the “action” stage when people are when they enter a private clinic to explicitly achieve sobriety.

Brecon Rehab – What Are The Benefits?


Entering a drug & alcohol rehab in Brecon offers benefits specific to inpatient treatment.

These include:

  • Around-the-clock care from specialist staff. This means you have someone to support you through cravings and withdrawal.
  • A medically overseen detox programme including medication to ease symptoms and make the process as smooth as possible.
  • Therapies that address the psychological aspect of addiction. You’ll develop  deep understanding of the various places the addiction came from and what to do to help you manage the addiction through healthy choices going forward.
  • Meeting others who understand your experience. You can share and find a space of support which is nurturing and free of judgement.
  • Nutritious food from an in-house chef who understands the foods you need to support the mind and body at the start of recovery.
  • A safe, alcohol and drug-free zone.

Private Or Council-Funded Rehab Services?

Doctor consultation

These are the two main types of services that support a person to heal from addiction.

Council-funded services are an outpatient facility where you live at home and go to clinic for a support.

They usually offer some counselling, a drop-in clinic and various group sessions throughout the week.

Private clinics offer an inpatient service where you stay for a period of time with the aim of becoming sober.

You participate in therapeutic and relaxing activities each day where you learn the skills needed to manage addiction in healthy ways.

Is A Residential Rehab Stay For You?

Living room

Going to rehab isn’t for everyone.

It’s a solution for people who have severe addictions or who have specific symptoms that mean they need intense treatments.

If you have any of the following symptoms, then rehab would be suitable:

  • Experiencing cravings and thinking about the substance a lot.
  • Needing more of the substance to feel an effect.
  • Engaging in risky behaviours when under the influence.
  • Becoming violent when intoxicated.
  • Consuming over thirty units of alcohol daily.
  • Developing Wernicke’s Encephalopathy or Delirium Tremens as a result of alcohol use.

Other Recovery Support Organisations

Support Group

It’s beneficial to be aware of other establishments and organisations that offer people support around addiction.

Whether this comes in useful now or in the future, it’s handy to keep in mind in order to remember that help is always out there.

You are not alone.

The Admissions Process When You Enter Rehab In Brecon

Group with notes

As with any medical establishment you enter, you’ll go through an admissions process when you enter a drug and alcohol rehab in Brecon.

The point of this is for staff to understand what has led you to the point of requiring rehabilitation treatment and how to proceed.

There are two assessment used, The ASAM Criteria and the DSM-5 .

ASAM assesses the following:

  • How you use substances.
  • Whether you have a high tolerance and how withdrawal is experienced.
  • How you handle relapse.
  • Whether you have any mental of physical illnesses.
  • Your home environment.

The DSM-5 assesses:

  • How much of the substance you use.
  • How severe withdrawal is.
  • Whether your life has changed due to substance use.
  • If you’re able to control your use and how.

Alcohol Use Disorder: Do I Have A Problem?


Alcohol use is assessed using the AUDIT assessment.

This tool is used by staff all over the world to diagnose alcoholism and problematic use.

There is a list of questions and the higher you score with your answers, the more likely it is you have an addiction and thereafter a dependency.

Questions focus on:

  • The amount of alcohol you consume.
  • What you do when you drink; before and after.
  • How you feel about drinking.
  • Whether you have experienced black-outs.
  • What other people in your life say about your alcohol use.
  • Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Family Interventions You Can Try At Home

Group Therapy

Perhaps someone in the family home has an addiction.

In this situation it can be really hard to know how to manage the situation in the most helpful way.

It’s easy for some people to engage with enabling behaviours, whilst others may become totally apathetic.

Family in field

Overall, it is hard to know what to do.

This is why interventions can be so useful.

The CRAFT approach offers families a menu of tools they can use when communicating with their loved one.

It helps to improve relationship dynamics by focusing on positive communication and behaviours that the addicted person demonstrates.

Many people become more open to rehabilitation when moving through this approach.

Holding hands

Another intervention is the traditional approach.

A GP or other professional will accompany you and perhaps one other family member to approach your loved one.

You’ll bring up your concerns and then discuss their potential treatment options.

This is more direct than the CRAFT approach.

The Cost Of Rehab In Brecon


To stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in Brecon, it will need to be funded.

Prices differ according to the length of time you stay and what type of room you sleep in.

To stay for detox treatment for around seven to ten days in a single occupancy room, it costs between £3000-£6000.

In a shared room it is around £2000-4000.

Cost of rehab

For a twenty-eight day stay, it’s a bit more expensive.

A single occupancy room is around £8000-£12,000, whereas a multi-occupancy room comes in around £6000.

Some people might have a home detox where they’re deemed “low risk” of harm.

This comes in at around £1500.

The Ideal Rehab For You – How To Find It

Woman with laptop

When considering a stay at rehab, you’ll want to be sure that you choose one that suits your type and level of addiction.

It’s often difficult for people to view their own addiction clearly.

It’s useful, therefore to apply some of our best tips when looking for a drug & alcohol rehab in Brecon to stay at.

  • Look up a variety of rehab clinics and compare them. Some clinics will specialise in particular treatments and approaches. This makes a huge difference to your stay.
  • Create a price comparison. Some rehabs will be in your budget and will offer the type of therapies you’re looking for, whereas others might be more luxury.
  • Call a selection of rehabs and ask questions, see how it “feels” when you hear about them.
  • Look up reviews from previous residents and see how the rehab fares.
  • Find out what experience the staff have and what they specialise in.

If this is a lot to think about, you can call the Rehab 4 Alcoholism team for support.

Our staff can lead you through this and make the process much easier.

How Long Do You Stay At Rehab For?

How long rehab

Some people might enter rehab for a 7-10 day stay.

This is a provision sometimes recommended for people who require a safe detox off a substance such as heroin, alcohol, or benzodiazepines.

A longer stay is always advisable, however.

How long does rehab last

Whether entering rehab for a detox or not, psychological and emotional recovery are essential.

These are the areas that will ensure you remain sober for the long term.

A 28 day stay is the ideal amount of time to go through the most difficult stages of withdrawal and to immerse yourself in new learning and developing new techniques to manage the addiction in the future.

Rehab For Cocaine In Brecon


Treatment for cocaine at a drug & alcohol rehab in Brecon focuses on both the causes underlying the addiction as well as how to change your reactions to triggers.

Cocaine creates a psychological addiction.

This means the work you do at rehab will focus on how you think and react.

Sharing you experiences with others in group settings also features as instrumental on your treatment programme.


Many people with cocaine addiction experience low mood, anxiety and suicidal ideation.

Connecting to others is key in helping you to find a place of self-compassion.

When you learn to acknowledge there are reasons for your addiction and learn new ways of thinking, it becomes easier to heal.

Rehab For Heroin In Brecon


Heroin use can create both a physical and psychological addiction.

As such, you’ll first begin with a detox period.

This lasts around ten days.

Staff will provide a tapered prescription of medication known as Subutex.

Withdrawal symptoms are therefore kept to a minimum.


After detox, you’ll begin focusing on emotional and psychological healing.

This is essential in relation to heroin addiction recovery.

Heroin is known to be used by many people in order to ease feelings of pain and trauma.

Individual and group sessions will help you to process events and memories to help you come to a place of self-understanding and awareness.

There will be relaxing activities such as yoga and mindfulness to help you discover new ways to be in your body.

Rehab For Cannabis In Brecon


When people take THC strains of cannabis, they’re at risk of developing a psychological addiction.

THC is a psychoactive chemical that affects the brain, mind, and can affect other bodily systems linked to metabolism and sleep.

Often, cannabis is used by people to help them sleep or relax.

While people might find an immediate relief, long-term use can morph into addiction and presents with many negative side effects.


Cannabis, when smoked lets off toxic fumes that affect the lungs.

THC is highly correlated with psychosis and schizophrenia – Interestingly, although people use cannabis to relax, it’s also known to create anxiety.

At rehab, you’ll explore what fuels your cannabis addiction and how to change your thoughts, feelings and lifestyle in order to become substance-free.

Psychological work will aim to change automatic thoughts that perpetuate addictive habits.

Psychological And Emotional Recovery Support At Rehab

Recovery Groups

It’s really important that people are offered and engage with psychotherapies and alternative therapies, as well as peer support groups.

These treatments are where people grow and heal on a deeper level so that they can achieve abstinence and remain sober in the long-term.

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is offered where people have lived through traumatic events, or need to learn skills in how to manage their emotional responses.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) helps the individual break down the addiction into thoughts, thought patterns and behaviours. Techniques are learned so that you can gain autonomy around your thought processes and develop healthy habits.
  • There are various types of counselling whether they are linked to conversation, art, or music. Counselling is a relaxed space to express anything you feel you need to, helping you to process emotions.
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI) offers a warm and encouraging space. Here you come to understand yourself better and what it is that makes recovery an important goal for you.
  • 12 Step Groups are where you’ll discuss with others who understand how you feel, what it means to have an addiction and how this impacts your state of mind. Social groups offer you new perspectives and a great deal of honesty and healthy challenge.
  • SMART Groups so you acquire tips on how to think about the practical side of recovery. How to approach each day through small, achievable, healthy steps.
  • Holistic therapies offer a space of calm where you can explore the mind-body connection and strengthen it. Activities include: mindfulness, yoga, equine therapy, tai chi, ear acupuncture, reiki, etc.

Relapse Prevention And Aftercare

As part of your aftercare, you’ll have spent time at rehab developing a relapse prevention plan.

The plan will include reminders on how to handle triggers.

Many people will follow the HALT approach.

HALT is an acronym for Hunger, Anger, Loneliness and Tiredness.

When people experience these states they can become triggered more easily.

Men talking

Understanding what has triggered you can help you identify more quickly what you’re feeling so that you can ride it out.

It’s also a useful place to ride through the feeling of the craving, remembering the craving will pass.

The relapse prevention plan will direct you using strategies you’ve learned at rehab to get through the craving in a helpful way.

As well as tips and techniques on how to handle triggers, your plan will also include guidelines on how to create a healthy and meaningful life for yourself that is substance free.

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