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Rehab 4 Alcoholism is able to match you to multiple alcohol rehab clinics in Bridgend. We offer a free and comprehensive assessment to ensure your needs are best met throughout the process.

Understanding Treatment Options in Bridgend

Do you live in Bridgend and are you feeling tired and sick due to alcohol abuse? Do you want to improve the quality of your life and quit drinking permanently?

If the answers are yes, then you are in the right place.

At Rehab 4 Alcoholism, we have years of experience in finding the most suitable treatment and recovery programmes for all addictions, including alcoholism. 

Read on to learn why and how you can get professional support for alcohol rehab in Bridgend.

Overview of treatment options

In general, you can choose from two main treatment options for alcohol rehab in Bridgend: inpatient and outpatient.

Outpatient treatments mean visiting a facility or attending counselling that suits your personal lifestyle. This is an option for those with tight schedules. An addiction nurse will come to your house every day during the withdrawal period to administer drugs. 

However, the main drawback of outpatient treatments is that you are still exposed to your drinking environments. This increases the risk of relapse and can waste your efforts and money.

To deal with these situations, inpatient treatment is the absolute best option. You can fully commit to recovery by registering into a facility that enables you to stay away from bad influences, old habits, and negative conditions.

At inpatient or private rehab, the risk of having a relapse is almost zero. This is because there are medical experts, including doctors and psychologists, to help you whenever you need it.

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Initial assessment

Our representatives will make an initial assessment to help you figure out the intensity and nature of your alcohol addiction.

This will be conducted over the phone, prior to you entering one of our Bridgend facilities. We will treat your condition with professionalism and confidence.

This assessment involves asking many questions about your personal information, health conditions, and drinking habits.

You will then be advised on the most suitable treatment options based on the answers provided.

Our experts will design the best treatment plan to help you recover quickly and efficiently without any side effects or complications.

You do not have to pay anything for this initial assessment. If you feel the programme is suitable, then we will provide you with the correct information to proceed.

Medically assisted-detoxification

The process of alcohol rehab in Bridgend is typically comprised of a medically assisted detoxification and some psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy sessions.

Residential rehab requires you to stay in our facility for a period. This makes it easier for our experts and therapists to track your recovery and improvement day by day.

Medications will be prescribed to alleviate the side effects or symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Inpatient treatment is definitely your best option for this very reason.

Withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant, but our medically assisted detox, our luxury facilities, and our expert staff will help make this process as comfortable as possible.

Withdrawal symptoms can include hallucinations, headaches, nausea, or vomiting. It is best to do this from the comfort of our state-of-the-art Bridgend facilities than alone and at risk at home.

Alcohol rehabilitation in Bridgend

Once the detoxification of alcohol is completed, several therapies will be provided to help you improve psychological problems. More importantly, it would prevent you from consuming alcohol again in the future.

The main goal is to find out any underlying or deep-rooted problems that might have led to your alcohol addiction. All therapies can be organized in one-to-one sessions or groups, depending on your symptoms and wishes.

Residential rehabilitation in Bridgend often lasts between several weeks to several months. The exact period will depend on the severity of your addiction and your health condition. Most patients require no more than 4 weeks to recover fully.

Treatment options include:

  • Behavioural therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Outcome-oriented psychotherapy
  • 12 Step therapy 
  • Holistic therapy
  • Art and music therapy


We offer a free aftercare service for all patients for up to 12 months after completing rehab.

Our facility is still available for you to visit even when your treatment programme is completed. This is to guarantee that you get sufficient aftercare treatments.

You can visit our centre on a regular basis to check for any complications or health issues after rehabilitation. Our experts are always ready to help you deal with any signs of relapses and give you the best useful advice to stay away from alcohol abuse.

Our aftercare programme also includes a wealth of resources, self-help concepts, coping mechanisms, and trigger warnings to help you on your road to recovery.

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With many years of experience and a team of dedicated experts, we guarantee to provide you with the best services and care in the area.

Just after 4 weeks in our modern and well-equipped facilities, you can be sure to recover fully without any significant complications. More importantly, we will give you effective strategies to stay sober for life.

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