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Rehab 4 Alcoholism is able to match you to multiple drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Essex. We offer a free and comprehensive assessment to ensure your needs are best met throughout the process.

Understanding Treatment Options in Essex

Do you or a loved one suffer from drug or alcohol addiction? Are you based in Essex and require more information on the treatment options available to you in your area?

If you or your loved one is willing to seek out help for drug or alcohol addiction, contact us today for a free over-the-phone assessment on 0800 111 4108.

If you are an Essex resident who is dealing with alcohol abuse and addiction problems that have caused your life to become difficult to manage, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to seek help in the form of alcohol rehab.

Once you have come to that difficult realisation that your alcohol consumption is out of control, you can take the next critical step.

This next step involves seeking help for your problem so that you can get your life on track toward recovery.

Our private, residential alcohol rehab in Essex is set up to be a place that you can turn to find the help that you need to make a change in your life that will benefit you and those that love you.

It is no secret that it is often the family and other loved ones of an addict that end up suffering along with them. If you are in this situation with your alcohol addiction then today is the perfect time to contact our professional team of alcohol rehab experts.

This treatment process will literally change you or your loved one’s life for the better.

Rehab 4 Alcoholism is a free helpline for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

We also help family members who are looking to place their loved one into a treatment centre in Essex.

To achieve this aim, Rehab 4 Alcoholism has partnered with hundreds of treatment centres in Essex.

To ensure you are matched with the most suitable treatment centre in Essex, we offer you a free and confidential telephone assessment.

During this assessment, we determine the nature of your addiction, and the likely steps you will need to take to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Ready to get help?

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These Are the Tell-Tale Signs That You Have a Problem and Need to Enter Into Alcohol Rehab in Essex

There are a lot of reasons why entering into alcohol rehab in Essex can help you to change your life positively.

One of the best reasons to choose to enter rehab is the realisation that you are no longer able to control the amount of alcohol that you drink and it has caused major consequences in your life.

Denial is often the initial reaction when one has an alcohol addiction. It is no surprise that this is the case when one considers the social stigma that is applied to addiction.

Many addicts simply cannot bring themselves to admit that they could end up with a problem like this. It is one of the most difficult things to do for many individuals with an alcohol problem to simply admit that they need help.

As hard as it is, being able to admit to your problem is one of the most crucial steps and it must happen if you are going to go further and seek help through certified alcohol rehab in Essex.

With these points about the benefits of entering alcohol rehab in Essex in mind, these are some of the tell-tale signs that you have a problem with alcohol and need to enter into a rehab programme as soon as possible.

  • You cannot make it a full day without feeling the need to have a drink
  • Your mental and physical health has begun to suffer as a result of your alcohol addiction
  • You have become unreliable at work or school due to your alcohol use
  • Your addiction to alcohol causes you to abandon your responsibilities
  • Your family and other loved ones have tried to convince you to seek out help for your alcohol problem
  • You have attempted to quit drinking on your own but you were unsuccessful
  • You have ended up having legal consequences that are related directly to your alcohol addiction

If you are dealing with any of these situations or a combination of several of them, then it is time to commit to the fact that you have a problem with alcohol.

It is also time to seek the help of qualified professionals that are experienced and knowledgeable at helping patients to make it to the recovery stage for their addiction.

Our programme for alcohol rehab in Essex is fully certified and our professional staff has the kind of expertise necessary to design a customised rehab programme that is focused on your individual needs as a patient.

Our team is composed of professional psychiatrists, counsellors, and other dedicated staff members that are committed to being there for you while you work hard to achieve a state of recovery.

You Have These Options for Alcohol Rehab in Essex

The two primary options that you have for alcohol rehab in Essex are the inpatient model and the outpatient model.

It is important to note that the alcohol rehabilitation professionals generally consider the residential/inpatient model to be the best choice for the majority of patients, in the majority of cases.

When you choose this model, you will be assessed by our highly trained and dedicated staff so that they can come to a conclusion on your level of alcohol addiction and the rehab needs that you have.

Our professional alcohol rehab experts will determine the length and scope of the programme that you need to attend. Once this has been determined, you will be relocated to our facility for the duration of your time in alcohol rehab in Essex.

The benefit of being able to remove yourself from your day to day life is something that the majority of patients find to be beneficial. Undertaking rehab in our residential setting allows you to immerse yourself in the programme and to forget about the daily stresses you face at home.

We aim to provide an environment that will prove conducive to the important work that you need to do to get free of the grip that alcohol addiction has on your life.

Being surrounded by our caring and experienced staff members will make a big difference in your rehabilitation and recovery process. Our goal is to help you gain the focus needed to get to the bottom of what life factors have led to your addictive and compulsive behaviour.

Our team has an outstanding track record for success that we have developed during our years of service in helping members of the Essex community to overcome their problems with alcohol addiction.

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What happens after the assessment takes place?

Following the completion of this assessment, we then refer you to the most suitable treatment providers in Essex. These providers are selected through your ‘needs analysis’. This analysis is conducted following the completion of your telephone assessment.

The information you provide during your telephone assessment is fed into the process so we are able to select the most suitable alcoholism treatment providers in Essex on your behalf.

Once your details are forwarded to treatment centres in Essex, we will then narrow down your search. This essentially means you are not required to conduct your own research into suitable treatment centres.

This service we offer is entirely free, and typically avoids the situation where you select a treatment provider that’s less than ideal for your needs.

Once you select a treatment provider in Essex, you will then complete the provider’s own pre-admission assessment process.

This assessment builds on and supplements the assessment conducted by ourselves. Upon arrival into an Essex treatment centre, you will also receive a thorough physical and mental assessment.

This assessment is conducted by a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will also prescribe you a suitable course of medication designed to reduce drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

What typically happens during your treatment programme?

The detoxification process requires around 10-14 days to complete. During this time, you will receive care and attention from the medical staff.

Since your treatment will take place in a residential treatment centre, you will receive the maximum amount of attention during your detoxification programme.

Following the completion of your detoxification , you will begin to take part in highly engaging therapy sessions.

These sessions aim to treat and reduce the emotional causes of drug and alcohol addiction. Therapy takes place in group and one-to-one settings.

Therapy sessions make use of proven techniques such as CBT and psychotherapy. Therapy helps you carve out your future whilst giving you the mental tools to live your life without the need to resort to drug or alcohol consumption.

These Are the Key Benefits Associated With Our Private, Inpatient/ Residential Alcohol Rehab in Essex

  • Highly structured treatment that is customised to your needs as a patient
  • Access to a medically monitored detox that includes the careful monitoring of your withdrawal symptoms
  • Top-quality medical professionals that are available to you 24 hours a day
  • A rehab environment that is fully safe and secure to that you can focus all of your energy on your recovery
  • A great opportunity to build the kinds of goals that will help you to avoid falling into relapse
  • A focus on a holistic approach to alcohol rehab in Essex
  • The ability to get away from your day to day life and regular groups of peers so that you can focus solely on your rehabilitation and recovery
  • You gain access to several key alcohol rehab therapies that are proven to be effective
  • Access to outstanding aftercare for the year following your completion of the programme for alcohol rehab in Essex

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Good Aftercare Is an Important Added Benefit

The aftercare option that we are able to offer our patients is highly valuable. We are able to offer this service as a part of our alcohol rehab in Essex.

The first year after leaving rehab is the most crucial one. It is the time that you will be the most at risk of falling into a relapse.

This is why we offer our patients the support that comes from having dedicated aftercare services to turn to. It is all part of our effort to help you remain clean and sober after you have completed our program for alcohol rehab in Essex.

Getting in touch today

To learn about how we can help you succeed in your fight against drugs and alcohol, contact us today on 0800 111 4108. Alternatively, contact us through this website.

When you contact us, every effort will be made to ensure we build up a true and accurate picture of your issues as they pertain to drug or alcohol addiction.

Following the completion of the initial telephone assessment, we will assist you in choosing the most suitable treatment facility in Essex.

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