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Rehab 4 Alcoholism is able to match you to multiple drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Hackney. We offer a free and comprehensive assessment to ensure your needs are best met throughout the process.


Are you fed up with drugs or alcohol controlling your life? Maybe you’re concerned with how it’s ruining your health.

1/3 of adults in Hackney drink more than the recommended 14 units a week.[1] in 2021, 11 people died due to drug poisoning.[2] Substance use is a problem for many.

Entering a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney means you get all the support and professional input you need to heal and change your life for the positive.

To start your journey to recovery today by reaching out to our friendly team members at Rehab 4 Alcoholism. Call us on 0800 111 4108.

Get addiction help in Hackney


If you have an alcohol or drug addiction and have landed on this page, it’s highly likely that you’re aware your substance use has got out of hand or you’re suspicious that it has. If you’re interested in a private drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney or want a more relaxed approach there are options for you in terms of support.

Depending on the severity of your substance use or addiction, as well as how far along the path of wanting to change you are, you’ll want to know your options.

Finding out more about where you can go for help and understanding how committed you are to real change will influence the decision you make on where to go.

Specialist treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney

The great thing about getting help at a private drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney is that the treatments you get are specialist. The therapists, medical team, and substance misuse workers are experts in their fields.

Each one has a wealth of knowledge that is relied upon to support you to wean off substances safely, develop the mental basis for recovery, and build the skills to manage abstinence.

1. Medically-assisted alcohol detox

Some residents need medical assistance when going through the withdrawal process because of how severely it impacts them. Alcohol addiction is notorious for causing a shake in the hands when a heavy drinker stops drinking.

This is one clear sign of severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Others include:

  • Sickness and diarrhoea
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia
  • Mood swings and low mood
  • Seizures

The staff will provide a Librium-based detox that lasts around ten days. This medication reduces the symptoms so that you’re comfortable. As well as this, you might be provided with electrolyte injections and other nutritional supplements.

Alcohol causes malnutrition so you might require quite a lot of support, to begin with.

Drug detoxes are provided for those who have opioid and benzodiazepine dependencies as well. These support you to get come off the substances in a relaxed way and reduce the aches and pains associated with heroin withdrawal and seizures associated with benzo withdrawal.

2. Psychological and alternative therapies at private rehab centres

The treatment programmes offered at rehab are especially brilliant at supporting you in recovery. They’re the best you’ll find in the country. You get an individualised plan to suit your needs and a selection of treatments to target the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a key part in psychological processing for people with addictions. It’s where you learn to change your neural pathways through changing how you think. Behavioural therapies alter thought in order to alter associated behaviours.
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy is useful for those who have deep emotional trauma, and personality disorders and who need support to learn new ways of processing their feelings. This helps you to manage your reactions and avoid substances more easily.
  • Motivational interviewing is a therapy that was developed specially for people with alcohol problems and has been widened out for all addictions and some mental health symptoms. It’s where you explore in a very honest way your concerns about quitting. From here you start to find a space of deep motivation to change.
  • Counselling is where you’ll be supported through therapeutic conversation to make realisations about who are you are and why you think the way you do. There might be activities or exercises to focus on, or simply conversation. You’ll come to a space of self-trust and build a basis for positive development.
  • SMART recovery groups will help you find new ways to think about substance use. The addictive behaviours become separate to you in a way as you learn how to identify them and catch yourself when you feel you could head in that direction. From here, you’ll learn how to redirect thought and action.
  • There will be a 12 Step programme on offer as a way of facilitating social connection with others. It’s the space you’ll use to thoroughly come to terms with the fact you have an addiction and will start to see how to create sobriety through peer support and guidance.
  • Holistic treatment is an enjoyable and essential part of rehab treatment. You’ll create a deep connection between the mind and body and learn how to become grateful and grounded in the present moment. You’re likely to try music and art therapy, reiki and ear acupuncture, tai chi and yoga, and equine therapy and meditation.

3. Aftercare services

All residents at a rehab clinic get a relapse prevention plan as part of their 12-month free aftercare support package. This is really important. It helps guide you during difficult moments as well as provide help on how to lead a meaningful sober life.

Some residents who leave rehab will receive ongoing outpatient treatment. It could be linked to alumni groups or might be check-ins with staff over the phone or online. This is part of the reason that the chances of relapse are reduced for patients in rehab.

After getting into a normal routine where you practise your new coping mechanisms at home, your quality of life is improved. Long-term recovery is an ongoing process but is made much easier through this quality of support.

To start your journey to recovery today by reaching out to our friendly team members at Rehab 4 Alcoholism. Call us on 0800 111 4108.

The benefits of staying at a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney

One man with his hand on another's shoulder in support

There are lots of reasons you’ll find yourself making a solid start to recovery through inpatient treatment. The wide range of services on offer is important because of how they support you to heal in different areas.

Psychological therapy is essential for the mind and thought patterns, the medication (where necessary), exercise and healthy food support physical healing, and being with others in the same position supports social healing.

At a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney, those with mental health conditions are also supported. Those affected will be given dual diagnosis treatment.

It’s common for heavy substance use to cause mental health issues and common for negative mental health to lead people to use substances. Staff are well acquainted with treating people for both.

If you have experienced a serious relationship breakdown at home, family therapy might be offered. This could happen in person or online. A group facilitator will help you all to find a space of healthy communication so that you can rebuild connections.

Ways to support a loved one to enter a rehab facility

Women talking 1-1

The recovery process takes a long time for many people to be ready for. If you have a loved one who is using substances, you might already be aware of this, or you could be at the point where you’re realising they’re using and think, “It will be OK once they get to rehab”.

Sadly, the reality is that the majority of people, take a long time to be ready to change. This might come even after severe health complications have developed.

It’s an extremely sad effect of addiction that it often starts to destroy a person physically and heartbreakingly impacts families before the person thinks about recovery.

There are things you can do, though, to help. It’s really helpful to maintain an open relationship where you aren’t afraid to talk about the substance and addiction. This helps your loved one to not feel judged and to know they can come to you. There’s also the importance of setting boundaries to protect everyone in the house.

Many families adopt the CRAFT intervention as this gives ideas on how to communicate and maintain relationships. It also subtly encourages the addicted person towards recovery.

To start your journey to recovery today by reaching out to our friendly team members at Rehab 4 Alcoholism. Call us on 0800 111 4108.

What free addiction services are there in Hackney?

The NHS offers support for those with substance abuse issues. There’s a drug and alcohol service where recovery workers offer casual support at drop-in clinics as well as some one-to-one conversations.

Every week there are group sessions. These follow both 12 Step and SMART recovery guidelines. As well as this, those who use anabolic steroids and heroin are able to access the needle exchange.

Those who are actively engaged with NHS clinics and who are from low-income backgrounds are eligible to apply for a funded placement at a private rehab clinic. You can ask recovery workers about this if you don’t have the money or health insurance coverage to fund rehab.

Peer support groups

Rehab friends

The most popular peer support groups in Hackney are 12 Step groups. You can find them in Hackney, its surrounding areas, and online.

The groups available to you locally include Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous as well as Cocaine Anonymous. You can do a search to find which community venues and treatment centres host 12 Step in-person meetings.

Is counselling alone enough to help me quit substances?

Some people ask whether one-to-ones with addiction counsellors is enough to quit using substances. What you need to think about here is where your level of alcohol or drug use is.

For the person who, for instance, feels they drink too much but who holds down a productive life and can go days without a drink, then accessing a counsellor can be useful in helping you really reduce alcohol intake.

For people who can’t go a day without a drink (or drugs) then a combination of addiction treatments is important. This is because your use has reached a problematic level and to change you need to learn new skills and ways of thinking.

What you need is offered at a drug rehab where treatment programmes suit people with moderate to severe addictions.

To start your journey to recovery today by reaching out to our friendly team members at Rehab 4 Alcoholism. Call us on 0800 111 4108.

What happens when you enter a rehab clinic?

Writing in a notebook

When you first enter a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney, you’ll meet with a friendly member of staff who will show you around. You’ll meet other residents and staff. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and it’s likely you’ll be offered a cup of tea pretty quickly!

After this, you’ll have an assessment. This will feel like a deep conversation where you talk about your addiction, your history, your health, and how you feel about change.

All of this will help the staff to understand better how to support you through your treatment plan.

From here, you’ll settle into your room and then get stuck in with activities. Both individual and group therapies will take place each day, you also get regular breaks and meal times.

How much does it cost to go to rehab?

Private treatment for addiction costs money. There are different factors that influence how much it is, including:

  • Whether you’re in a multi or single-occupancy room
  • How long you stay
  • Whether you need medications
  • What level of luxury the clinic offers that you go to

The majority of clinics in the UK cost between £1,000 and £10,000 a week. If you’re interested in finding out more about the cost of treatment near you, give Rehab 4 Alcoholism a call now.

Do you need to go to a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney?

An intervention - people sat in armchairs

If your substance use presents with any of the following signs or experiences then it’s an indicator that you would greatly benefit from a stay at rehab:

  • Participating in risky behaviour when intoxicated
  • Having built up a tolerance meaning you need more alcohol or drugs, or indeed, mix substances, in order to feel an effect
  • A deterioration in mental or physical health
  • The breakdown of relationships and other people worrying about your substance use
  • Having tried to quit a few times already and not being successful in doing so
  • Not being able to go a day without using alcohol or drugs

To start your journey to recovery today by reaching out to our friendly team members at Rehab 4 Alcoholism. Call us on 0800 111 4108.

Understanding Treatment Options in Hackney

A person with clasped hands, thinking

Are you tired of the lies, stress, and sadness alcohol is bringing into your life? Have you had enough of the relationship breakdowns, the lack of trust, and the detriment to your life alcohol is causing?

If so, you have come to the right place. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of rehabilitation and detoxification services to help you on your road to recovery.

If you relate to the above and now wish to make positive changes in your life, know that you can take the first step by contacting Rehab 4 Alcoholism today on 0800 111 41 08.

What happens during alcohol rehab?

Five people in a circle of armchairs, talking

Alcohol rehab in a Hackney clinic will offer the most structured and comprehensive support available. Professional addiction experts administer this programme.

Many of these specialists have personal experience of the recovery process—offering a unique insight into your condition and how to recover from it.

The staff at our rehab clinics have an extensive understanding of the difficulty people have had dealing with a public health service that is incapable of coping with the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction while offering a clear path to recovery.

Our addiction team is trained to recognise the rationalisations, denial, and excuses of people who suffer from alcohol addiction. They see through these almost immediately and assist our patients in identifying them too and helping break them down.

You will also undergo one-to-one counselling sessions with the best-trained psychologists. These sessions will offer you a unique insight into the “why?” of your addiction, allowing you to see exactly what it is doing to you and everyone you love. To many, this knowledge is worth the price of the treatment itself.

Time spent at our alcohol rehab facilities in Hackney allows our patients a safe place away from the people, places, and things that they encounter daily. Offering them much need emotional breathing space and distance from the usual triggers they face in their daily lives.

Types of programmes available to me

A man turning away

When you’re choosing the types of programmes available to you, you have two options. An inpatient programme is where you spend time in either a rehab centre or a detox clinic where you will be offered 24/7 treatment for your problem. An outpatient programme is where you will attend daily treatment sessions while still living at home.

Inpatient treatment involves a more intense and supported pathway to recovery, with immediate access to medication, medical staff, and counsellors at any time of day.

Outpatient treatment involves staying at home. You will not have the crucial access to specialists that you would have at an inpatient treatment level.

To start your journey to recovery today by reaching out to our friendly team members at Rehab 4 Alcoholism. Call us on 0800 111 4108.

Admission to rehab – what to expect?

A group of men in therapy

Once you have called our referrals team, we will then conduct a pre-assessment to discover more about your individual case. They will ask about the nature, length, and intensity of your addiction.

Our expert medical team and trained addiction specialists will then advise on the most appropriate option. We will then get in touch with you to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have. You will also be invited to come and visit any of our facilities you may be interested in.

Once you have made your decision, the necessary arrangements will be made and you could be placed at one of our facilities within one or two days. This is the beauty of inpatient treatment – quality care and support mean you don’t have to wait around for public treatment.

If we have a bed available in our clinics and all the other requirements have been put in place, we can facilitate an emergency admission in 24 hours. This allows a patient to begin their detox and recovery within hours of their mission.

Why should I seek inpatient treatment for alcohol addiction?

Due to the insidious nature of alcohol addiction, we always recommend inpatient treatment. A safe and secure environment away from potential distractions is specifically designed in these programmes.

This helps facilitate long-term recovery and higher success rates among our patients.

You will also have constant access to medications that can help with withdrawal, as well as access to our nurses, doctors, and psychologists should any issues arise during detox or medication.

Our staff is highly trained in dealing with troubles and strains withdrawal and rehabilitation provoke. They are also experienced in relapse prevention techniques.

Furthermore, you will be surrounded by empathic members of staff and like-minded peers who will provide you with a solid network of support that is integral to your recovery. Nutritional support will also be provided to assist your body with the detoxification process.

To start your journey to recovery today by reaching out to our friendly team members at Rehab 4 Alcoholism. Call us on 0800 111 4108.

Types of treatment available

People in rehab will enjoy a treatment programme that will feature many different therapeutic approaches. The key is to help our patients deal with the outside pressures in daily life.

While providing them with some time and space to examine their behaviours and the impact of their addictions. While in care, you might encounter Person-centred care, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Art Therapy, as well as a 12-step program.

How long do rehab programmes last?

Below we have highlighted the different programmes and their durations that are available to you.

These include:

1. 30-day treatment program

This is the most fundamental treatment program. It is the minimum amount of time you should stay in treatment. We offer you enough time to gain insight into whether or not recovery is for you. It also provides you enough time to work your way through any physical withdrawal symptoms I learned some basic relapse prevention techniques

2. 60-day treatment program

Given the nature of alcohol addiction, a 60-day programme offers far more benefits than 30 days. Think of the extra time you spend in a supportive clean environment. It gives ample time to recover from your substance and detox. Take advantage of therapy sessions that will allow you to work on your situational, behavioural, and familial circumstances.

3. 90-day treatment program

90-day programmes offer all the benefits of 30 and 60-day programmes. More time, however, is emphasized in recovery. You can spend more time building stronger networks.

What happens after alcohol rehab?

Alcohol addiction

Once you’ve completed your stay at Alcohol Rehab Hackney, your recovery is only really beginning. We will offer guidance about the options available to you.

Before you leave the rehab centre, you will work with your counsellor to design an aftercare plan to help you stay focused and abstinent.

Here are some options that will be available to help your recovery:

  • An aftercare programme that offers weekly support sessions means very least 12 months following rehab.
  • Continuing group or one-to-one therapy family counselling sessions may also help.
  • Attending 12-step meetings. New members are encouraged to attend 90 meetings in 90 days.
  • Your clinic will also perform progress and follow-up checks.

To start your journey to recovery today by reaching out to our friendly team members at Rehab 4 Alcoholism. Call us on 0800 111 4108.

Contact Rehab 4 Alcoholism now

If you’re ready to start your recovery journey, call the Rehab 4 Alcoholism team. We provide confidential advice on your treatment options and guidance on how to approach life up to your admission.

We can also support you to make a clinic comparison and choose the best one for your needs.

From here we’re also happy to liaise with the clinic on your behalf. It’s our aim to make the first step to healing as simple and easy as possible.

Call us now to get the help you need.

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