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Rehab 4 Alcoholism is able to match you to multiple drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Hertfordshire. We offer a free and comprehensive assessment to ensure your needs are best met throughout the process.

Understanding Treatment Options in Hertfordshire

For many of you, drinking alcohol may seem like a harmless pastime with no possible long-term consequences. However, for some, drinking alcohol may develop into an addiction and dependency. This is when the ‘disease of addiction’ arises. This disease also carries with it a range of long-term health consequences such as cirrhosis and liver failure.

When alcoholism develops, sufferers cannot function without alcohol. In fact, if alcohol is incorrectly withdrawn, the sufferer may experience a life-threatening complication such as a coronary event or a seizure. For sufferers of alcoholism, the only safe option is to undergo an alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation programme in residential settings.

How Rehab 4 Alcoholism can help

Fortunately, if you live in Hertfordshire and require alcohol treatment, you can ensure you select the most suitable treatment provider in Hertfordshire by contact Rehab 4 Alcoholism today on 0800 111 4108.

When you contact Rehab 4 Alcoholism, your initial call will be processed by one of our knowledgeable addiction workers. All of our team members are ‘recovering alcoholics.’

This means we have fought our own battles with alcoholism and won. This also means we understand exactly what you are going through during this testing time.

Whilst alcoholism is a highly deadly condition, it is fortunately highly treatable too. Many of the negative effects of alcoholism are entirely reversible if you act before it is too late in seeking out professional treatment.

At Rehab 4 Alcoholism, we feel the most effective form of treatment is conducted on a residential basis. This means you must reside within the treatment centre whilst you undertake your treatment programme. This generally requires your 24/7 commitment to your treatment for around a four-week period.

Frequently asked questions

Below, we list a number of other resources that you may find useful in your search for quality and suitable rehab treatment in the UK:

How alcoholism arises

When you drink too much alcohol and develop alcoholism, a chemical within the brain known as GABA-A increases in activity. GABA-A is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This means GABA-A slows down brain activity. When you stop drinking alcohol, GABA-A levels fall. This causes you to suffer from a range of ‘alcohol withdrawal symptoms.’

During your detoxification programme, you are given a drug known as ‘Librium’. Librium also increases GABA-A activity in the brain. During your detoxification, you will be tapered off Librium in a controlled manner. This vastly reduces the risk of you suffering from a fatal seizure during your detoxification treatment.

The therapy and counselling process

During your time in a Hertfordshire residential treatment centre, you will benefit from a wide range of treatments. These treatments help you fully rehabilitate. Treatments include a mixture of group and individual therapy sessions. You also benefit from 24/7 medical attention during your detoxification programme.

When you residential programme concludes, you will also benefit from an extended aftercare programme conducted on an ‘outpatient basis.’ All of this is to help you remain ‘in recovery’ for the rest of your life.

A focus on long-term abstinence

At Rehab 4 Alcoholism, we encourage you to seek out total abstinence for the rest of your life. To achieve this, you must make major and long-term changes in the way you live your life. ‘Stopping drinking’ is not enough to achieve long-term recovery.

You must replace your drinking with other activities that help you achieve lasting happiness in your life. Going to rehab is very much the first step in a long and worthwhile journey.

Merely stopping an addictive behaviour will not mean you build sufficient vigilance required to stay in recovery for the long term. During your time in rehab, you will be given the necessary tools to identify something positive within yourself so your recovery efforts are not prematurely derailed by something external to yourself.

This also requires you to work on all the negativity and emptiness inside yourself. During your time at a Hertfordshire rehab clinic, you are taught to believe that you are worthwhile and that you are good enough without the need to indulge in mind-altering substances such as alcohol and drugs.

Get help today

For more information on our life-changing treatment in Hertfordshire, contact Rehab 4 Alcoholism today on 0800 111 4108.

We offer a range of detoxification and residential treatment options in Hertfordshire. For a free and impartial assessment, get in touch today.

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