Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in Reading

Are you ready to break the cycle of addiction and change your life?

We’ve put together a guide to drug and alcohol rehab in Reading to help you navigate the process and get the support and treatment that you need.

Get alcohol and drug rehab and advice in Reading for addictions including binge drinking, alcohol addiction, benzodiazepine addiction, Buprenorphine addiction, cannabis use disorder, crack cocaine addiction, ketamine addiction, opioid use disorder, heroin addiction, cocaine dependence or cocaine addiction, any physical dependence or codependency, substance use disorder, and behavioural addictions such as gambling addiction and eating disorders.

Drug and Alcohol Statistics in Reading

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You may have heard of Reading due to the popular Reading Festival held each year, but it’s not always party time in this town.

  • There were 16 drug-related deaths in Reading during 2021 [1], a harrowing statistic even with a decrease from 19 deaths in 2020. [2]

Even more worrying, experts believe the town is suffering more from alcohol use than drug use.

  • This comes from a report in 2018 which stated that around 30,000 of the 124,000 Reading residents are drinking above the recommended limit. [3]

This can lead to increased rates of alcohol-related accidents and illnesses, putting a further strain on the NHS and contributing to the deaths of far too many people.

So, what’s the solution? We believe it’s drug and alcohol rehab in Reading.

What Happens During Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading?



You will need to be thoroughly assessed once you arrive at rehab so that our team can understand your addiction and any other contributing factors.

This may involve interviews, blood tests, psychological assessments and a detailed look through your medical history.

You will also be searched to ensure you do not bring any prohibited items into the treatment centre.


Undergoing a supervised medical detox is one of the first steps you will take at drug and alcohol rehab in Reading.

Following a personalised detox plan, you will gradually reduce your intake of substances over 7-10 days instead of simply quitting cold turkey.

This can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms which may include nausea, anxiety and shaking, and you may also be prescribed medication to help with them.

Alcohol detox

Alcohol dependence can be confirmed fast and efficiently using the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, DSM-5 or CAGE questionnaire.

Dependent drinkers will have built up a strong tolerance to alcohol, and experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms (, alcohol withdrawal symptoms) or alcohol withdrawal syndrome when they stop drinking, so these symptoms need to be managed carefully.

To ensure that the risk of seizures is curtailed our medical team prescribe patients with Chlordiazepoxide, brand name Librium, as they undergo detox as this has been shown to offer more protection against the risk of seizures.

A medically-assisted detox (alcohol detox) is needed in order to try to prevent the effects of alcohol, including encephalopathy (Wernicke encephalopathy) and delirium tremens.


A large part of drug and alcohol rehab in Reading is focused on counselling, as addiction is a psychological issue as well as a physical condition.

Some types of addiction counselling will encourage you to think and past about your past experiences, while others are focused on your current behaviours and thoughts.

This process takes around three weeks and it is also recommended that you continue with some form of counselling even after you leave rehab.

Therapy might include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, acupuncture, art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, drama therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, group psychotherapy, motivational therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, brief intervention, contingency management, coping mechanisms work therapy, equine therapy, family therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, music therapy, art therapy and talking therapies.

You might also get help if you undergo heroin withdrawal for heroin addiction, for other effects such as hepatitis.

For more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading, call a member of our team on 0800 111 4108 today.

How Long Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading Last?

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Preparing for rehab means working out how long you can expect to stay at the clinic.

Many people want to get it out of the way as soon as possible, so they can return to their jobs and/or families.

Don’t try to rush through your addiction treatment – after all, you are working towards remaining sober for the rest of your life.

Instead, spend as much time as you can in treatment. Learn how to manage your triggers and stress more effectively, develop a relapse prevention plan and find out how you can stay connected to others once you leave drug and alcohol rehab in Reading.

Most people spend around 30 days in rehab, and this includes detox as well as counselling. You can also extend your stay to 60 days if you feel you would benefit from a long time in treatment, while a 90-day programme is also very effective for those with severe and long-lasting addictions.

For more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading, call a member of our team on 0800 111 4108 today.

How Much Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading Cost?

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Budgeting for rehab is another important part of preparing for your stay.

But with so many different types of rehab and treatment programmes, how can you predict how much you will pay?

If you opt for the most common programme length of 30 days, you can expect to pay around £15,000 depending on the type of rehab you choose.

A longer stay will be more expensive, so you can expect to pay around £30,000 for a 60-day programme and £45,000 for a 90-day programme.

For many people, these prices may be way out of their budget. Try not to worry – there are many types of drug and alcohol rehab in Reading, and some are more affordable than others.

An outpatient programme is much more affordable than an inpatient programme, and you can also attend rehab solely to detox which usually costs between £1,500 and £2,500 over 7-10 days.

For more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading, call a member of our team on 0800 111 4108 today.

What is a Dual Diagnosis and How Will it Affect my Treatment?

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Struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction is difficult enough, but adding a mental health disorder into the mix can make it feel almost impossible to recover.

This is known as a dual diagnosis when someone has both an addiction and a mental health disorder such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or schizophrenia and anxiety.

A dual diagnosis can impact your addiction treatment as it’s important to treat both conditions at the same time.

You will get a complete psychiatric assessment carried out by a psychiatrist who will determine if you need psychiatric treatment.

If you focus on just one, you are more likely to relapse due to the two conditions interacting with each other. [4]

For example, if you are struggling with anxiety as well as an alcohol addiction then it may not be effective to simply treat the addiction.

Over time, untreated anxiety can lead to a relapse as many people attempt to self-medicate with alcohol to relieve the symptoms.

Fortunately, a dual diagnosis can be treated effectively at drug and alcohol rehab in Reading.

We use a combination of detox, counselling, relapse prevention and medication to treat both conditions simultaneously and help you to achieve long-term sobriety alongside mental wellness.

For more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading, call a member of our team on 0800 111 4108 today.

Is it Possible to Become Addicted to Cannabis?


Many people believe that cannabis is a safe and non-addictive substance and that it’s not possible to go to rehab for cannabis addiction.

There are many rehab clinics in Reading that specialise in treating cannabis addiction.

Cannabis is psychologically addictive, and the long-term use of this substance can also lead to a debilitating condition known as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome which involves frequent nausea and vomiting. [5]

It is thought that there is a 10% chance of becoming addicted if you use cannabis, particularly if you begin to use it at a young age and/or use it frequently.

Don’t treat cannabis lightly – it is an addictive drug that can affect your physical and mental health.

What Happens if I Have an Addiction and Don’t Go to Rehab?


The decision to go to drug and alcohol rehab in Reading can be a difficult one.

There are the high costs of treatment to consider, being away from your family and friends and to top it all off, you may not even believe that you have a problem.

So what would happen if you chose not to go to rehab? Is it possible to recover by yourself?

In most cases, addiction will only get worse over time if left untreated. This means that you may begin to experience physical and mental health conditions due to your addiction as well as other issues such as legal, financial and relationship troubles.

In the most severe cases, a drug or alcohol addiction could even end your life.

Attempting to detox and recover by yourself can also be dangerous, as most people will experience symptoms as their brain and body get used to functioning without substances.

At best they will be mild and involve vomiting, shaking and sweating, but at worst they can involve seizures, hallucinations and psychosis.

When you have an addiction, the safest place to be is at drug and alcohol rehab.

For more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading, call a member of our team on 0800 111 4108 today.

Are There LGBTQ+ Rehabs in Reading?

A pride flag blowing in the wind

Here at Rehab 4 Alcoholism, we accept and welcome all sexualities and genders, and believe that everyone has the right to a safe place in which to recover from alcoholism.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome at drug and alcohol rehab in Reading, and there are even dedicated rehab clinics available for this community.

Many LGBTQ+ people experience stigma and discrimination, and as a result, they are at greater risk of developing a drug or alcohol addiction.

These challenges can also make it difficult to reach out for help, as the fear of being judged and/or ignored is always present.

LGBTQ+ rehabs provide a safe place to recover from addiction and connect with other people who share similar experiences.

What Happens if I’m Pregnant and Need to go to Rehab?

Pregnant woman

Many people who are struggling with addiction feel an immense sense of shame when they realise they are pregnant.

This can stop them from seeking the help they need, as they are worried about being judged by others.

If you’re in this situation, remember that addiction is not a choice – it’s a disease. You need professional help and support for both yourself and your unborn baby.

There are drug and alcohol rehabs in Reading that specialise in treating pregnant women, prioritising their safety and comfort during the process of recovery.

Continuing to use drugs or alcohol throughout your pregnancy can cause issues and complications for your child, both now and in the future.

They may be more at risk of premature birth, stillbirth, cognitive problems and behavioural issues.

Get help for your addiction as soon as possible after confirming your pregnancy – give us a call and let our confidential and judgement-free team help you get the support you need.

For more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading, call a member of our team on 0800 111 4108 today.

Which Apps Can Help Me Stay Sober After Rehab?

A woman holding a mobile phone

One of the benefits of modern technology is how convenient and easy it is to have so much knowledge at our fingertips.

This can be applied to addiction recovery, as there are many apps available that can make the recovery process easier and help you to track your progress.

You can use the Sobriety Calculator on our website to track how long you have been sober. This is a great source of motivation and can allow you to set goals and celebrate your successes.

Some of the most popular addiction recovery apps include:

  • I Am Sober for iOS and Android
  • AA Speakers for iOS and Android
  • One Day At A Time for iOS and Android
  • Mindfulness Meditation for iOS and Android
  • My Sober Life for iOS and Android

Recovery apps can provide community support, tips on staying sober and ways to share your experiences while remaining anonymous.

How Do I Get to Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading?

A blurry, double vision view of a taxi

No matter where you are travelling from, getting to drug and alcohol rehab in Reading is usually a fairly simple process.

The town is very well-connected with visitors arriving daily by car, bus and train.

As it is situated on the M4, it is also easily reached from many of the UK’s major airports including Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton.

If you are travelling to and from Heathrow Airport, there is a direct coach that will take you between the airport and Reading.

The recently-built Elizabeth line provides a direct link to Reading from London, and you can also travel between Paddington Station and Reading Station in just 22 minutes.

If you need help with your journey to drug and alcohol rehab in Reading, contact our team at 0800 111 4108 and we will be able to help you plan your route.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we list several other resources that you may find useful in your search for quality and suitable rehab treatment in the UK:

How Can Rehab 4 Alcoholism help me?

Two women talking

Many people who are living with a drug or alcohol addiction feel alone, and they may not know where to turn for advice and support.

Our Rehab 4 Alcoholism team are always here to offer a friendly voice on the end of the phone, providing guidance and expert advice on seeking help for addiction.

Statutory-Funded Addiction Programmes Near Reading

Here are a few options near you.

1. Yeldall Manor

Address: Blakes Ln, Hare Hatch, Reading RG10 9XR

Telephone: 01189 404411

Website: http://www.yeldall.org.uk/

2. Change Grow Live

Address: Berkshire, 4 Waylen St, Reading RG1 7UR

Telephone: 01189 557333

3. Turning Point

Address: The Glass Tower, 6 Station Road, Orchard Centre, Didcot OX11 7LL

Telephone: 01235 514360

Website: http://wellbeing.turning-point.co.uk/oxfordshire/hubs/didcot-hub/

4. CAMHS Reading Community Mental Health Team

Find mental health support at SMART Recovery, Rethink Mental IllnessMindYoung Minds, SamaritansPapyrus, the NHS Foundation Trust, Change Grow Live, Alateen,  Turning Point, We Are With You, National Association for Children of Alcoholics, Change Grow Live, Al-Anon.

Alternatively, find an Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous near you that support the 12 steps and giving yourself over to a higher power. The NHS are also there to help you.

Organisations are advised by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence so you are in safe hands with person-centred care.

You may also be offered sober living houses as part of your aftercare after you leave rehab in order to help you maintain your sobriety.

Our connections to some of the top drug and alcohol rehabs in Reading make Rehab 4 Alcoholism the perfect first stop on your road to recovery.

Get Help Today

We can refer you to an inpatient or outpatient treatment programme that suits your needs, and answer any questions that you may have.

We have a vested interest in helping you access to support and treatment for your addiction, as many of us were once in your shoes.

We know how it feels to struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction, and we want to help you turn your life around.

The services Rehab 4 Alcoholism can refer you to are available across MaidenheadBasingstoke, Newbury, Wokingham, High Wycombe, WindsorSlough, Ascot, Bracknell, Crowthorne, Eton, Newbury, Thatcham, Cookham, Bucklebury, Pangbourne, Sonning, Sunninghill, Wraysbury, Lambourn, Ascot, Speen, Twyford, Finchampstead, Binfield, Chieveley, Kintbury, Aldermaston, Boxford, Sunningdale, Great, Shefford, Littlewick Green, East Ilsley, Bisham, Datchet, Theale, Crowthorne, Beenham, and even more places in and around Berkshire.

All of the rehabs we recommend are vetted and assured by the Care Quality Commission CQC (England and Wales) or the Care Inspectorate (Scotland).

For more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Reading , call a member of our team on 0800 111 4108 today.


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[5] https://www.cdc.gov/marijuana/health-effects/addiction.html

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