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Rehab 4 Alcoholism is able to match you to multiple alcohol rehab clinics in Walsall. We offer a free and comprehensive assessment to ensure your needs are best met throughout the process.

Understanding Treatment Options in Walsall

Alcohol addiction can have severe implications for you, your health, and your future. But just as importantly, your alcohol addiction has effects on your family and your loved ones around you. As a result, everyone suffers, not just you. And if things get out of control, it’s wise to consider alcohol treatment.

Observing yourself for the following symptoms will help you make an easier decision.

  • Alcohol is your main and only priority. When alcohol becomes your primary focus, your whole life suffers. Your career, your social life, your health, and the people around you. Alcohol becomes the one and the only thing that seems to make sense for you. That’s when you need alcohol detox and treatment
  • Your health is taking a toll. Not just your physical health, but your mental health is taking a battering. Your livers are working overtime, and your whole system is unable to cope. Mental problems include depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts
  • You drink too much to get drunk. Having a barrier to how much you can drink is becoming an impossible task. Instead, you drink as much as you can and end up intoxicated and incapable of taking care of yourself
  • You suffer from mental illnesses. Underlying mental problems can make alcoholism even worse, and it’s vital to treat them
  • You’ve tried before but failed. This is a clear sign that you need and deserve help. Let us assist you

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What is the Rehab Process in Walsall?

Our alcohol rehab Walsall facilities offer you the best possible chances for alcohol detox and alcohol treatment. Our medical professionals have years of experience with alcohol addictions and deal with them on a daily basis. It’s not easy, but with some determination and help from us, you can do it.

First, we’ll asses you and your individual over a phone call and then a meeting. This will give us a better understanding of your history with alcohol. Then, our professionals will take their time to devise a personalized care program made specifically for you.

Next comes the period of alcohol detox. With the help of medications and close care, we’ll help you get through this period. You will encounter withdrawal symptoms that can vary in severity, but with our medical assistance, you will be kept safe and comfortable at all times.

In the meantime, you’ll have access to all of our facilities. This means group sessions, one-on-one consultations and treatment, CBT group therapy, and holistic approaches (massages, yoga). All of this is available with inpatient treatment.

After you leave our facility, we’ll keep a close eye on you. You’ll get an aftercare programme that’s devised especially for you. You’ll also welcome back anytime you feel the need.

Types of Therapy Available in Walsall

Our alcohol rehab Walsall centre offers a variety of therapies that can help you overcome the addiction to alcohol. The therapies that we offer at our inpatient facilities include:

1. ACT

Acceptance and commitment therapy allow you to accept your unpleasant feelings and cope with them

2. CBT 

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is a very effective therapy that can be done as group sessions or individually. It challenges your negative thoughts and beliefs and helps you promote positive thoughts instead

3. Contingency Management

Contingency management is a type of cognitive-behavioural therapy where the individual is rewarded or positively reinforced for clearly and effectively making or acknowledging a change in their behaviour

4. Interpersonal Therapy

This therapy aims to help you improve your interpersonal skills, which will be crucial for your alcohol treatment. It revolves around progressing your ability to socially communicate and build relationships, and also gets to the root of specific people-related problems in the individual’s life

5. DBT

Dialectical behaviour therapy is a version of CBT where the focus is on changing your behaviour. This makes it easier for you to create a life that’s worth living

6. MET 

Motivational enhancement therapy helps give you the motivation needed to overcome your addiction via client meetings and sessions

7. Motivational Interviewing

This is a hands-on approach where therapists guide their clients towards creating motivating behaviour and promoting positive thoughts

8. Twelve-step Programmes

The success of 12-Step programmes in drug and alcohol addiction recovery speaks for itself. When you join one of our facilities in Walsall, you will automatically become enrolled on to this highly-acclaimed programme.

It begins with accepting you have no control over drink, then making amends with the hurt you have caused yourself and others, and to finally be receptive to a spiritual awakening to help recover. 

Withdrawal Symptoms to Expect During Rehab

During alcohol detox, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms that are the most severe after 24-72 hours consuming your last drink. One of the many benefits of inpatient treatment is the 24-hour access to medical care and attention should your withdrawal symptoms pose any health risk or major emergency.

A team of medical staff will always be on hand to administer any medication that can help alleviate symptoms, or make you more comfortable during the detox process.

Symptoms to expect include:

  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Lack of appetite
  • Increased heart rate

Although this seems daunting, fear of withdrawal symptoms is never a good excuse to put off going to rehab. They are far less frightful than more years or months addicted to a substance that could kill you.

Why Choose Inpatient Treatment?

Over several years of our experience, we found that inpatient treatment is by far the most effective form of treatment. The patients get a personalized plan where they get the help of professionals on a daily basis.

They also have access to our facilities and numerous above-mentioned therapies. But most importantly, the patients don’t get access to temptations of alcohol that outpatient clients can get in their environment.

There will be no way to relapse. Our aftercare programme is committed to helping you stay clean after you leave, encouraging you to adopt the resources, skills, and coping mechanisms you learned during inpatient treatment into everyday life in the community.

Choosing the Right Recovery Programme for You

Before choosing, you should know what the programme offers in detail. You can take a tour and see if the programme is for you. Conduct research and find online reviews about the alcohol treatment facility.

Does the programme offer aftercare? Do they offer reliable, evidence-based therapies? Are they friendly? These are all questions to ask yourself.

Ongoing Recovery After Rehab

At our alcohol rehab Walsall facility, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of even after you leave us. Ongoing recovery is required; seek support from peers and family, and share your struggles.

Join support groups, and keep your mind off of alcohol. Remember, you can contact us at any time if you need us.

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