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Rehab 4 Alcoholism is able to match you to multiple drug and alcohol rehab clinics on the Wirral. We offer a free and comprehensive assessment to ensure your needs are best met throughout the alcohol rehab Wirral process.

Understanding Treatment Options on the Wirral

Alcoholism is the formal term for addiction to alcohol. Someone is considered to be addicted to alcohol when they drink so much that their body is dependent on alcohol to function.

To become addicted to this extent it usually requires that someone drinks very heavy every day for a long period of time. Drinking alcohol in this manner can be very harmful to someone’s physical and mental health.

Alcoholism is more than having a casual drink, it is a disease that requires rehab and medical treatment

When is rehab necessary?

Like any other addiction, alcoholism can seem like something people can fix on their own without medical help. There are signs that your drinking habits have gotten out of hand and that rehab is necessary.

One of the major signs that it’s time to go to rehab is that your drinking has caused physical health issues. These health issues may take a while to develop, but once you notice any health problems that have resulted from drinking, you should seek help right away.

Another sign that rehab is necessary is when drinking becomes your daily priority. If you centre your life around when you can get your next drink, if drinking becomes your main interest, or if drinking interferes with other activities like work or school, then it’s time to get help.

The last major sign that you should consider rehab for your alcoholism is if you have tried to quit on your own and it has been unsuccessful. Trying to quit is the first step to recovery, but if your addiction is severe you will need medical help.

Medically assisted detoxification

Medically assisted detoxification is the process that you will go through in rehab to detoxify your body from alcohol. Before you can get started with therapy and other treatments in rehab, you have to first detoxify your body from the substance.

Since the body can become physically dependent on alcohol, some people may experience uncomfortable, and even dangerous, withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms will be managed and possibly prevented in a medically assisted detox.

In a rehab centre there will be staff on call to help the patient with any withdrawal complications. Patients detoxifying from alcohol will be given medications that will help the detox process be less painful. These medications will be monitored and given to the patient in very specific doses.

The chances of relapsing in rehab are much lower because the withdrawal symptoms will be managed and there will be no temptation to drink because the patient has no access to alcohol. Alcohol rehab programmes on the Wirral are equipped to provide patients with medical detoxification.

What is the alcohol rehab process on the Wirral?

The first step once you go to rehab is you will be assessed and a programme will be created specifically for you. Once your programme has been established, you will then start the medical detox.

1. Detox

The medical detox will always be the first step in all alcohol rehab programmes because no other treatments can be done until this happens. This ensures that the patient has no substances interfering with their treatment. Also, the patient can’t be successful in their treatments and therapies if they are also trying to deal with their withdrawal symptoms.

2. Therapy

Once the detox has finished, the patient can begin therapy. Inpatient programmes will include both individual and group therapy. Both types of therapies are very important and crucial for the success of the patient.

In group therapy, the patient will be able to hear about the stories other people have had with addiction. In individual therapy, patients will be able to address any mental health issues that may have contributed to the development of the addiction.

Along with medical detox and therapies, there are also wellness, nutrition, and fitness programmes. It is important to have both a healthy body and a healthy mind, which is why the physical wellness aspects are included in the addiction treatments. There are also spiritual and life skills workshops that patients can participate in.

3. Aftercare

When you go to alcohol rehab on the Wirral you can expect to be treated with care and receive some of the best care in the UK. You will have support while you are in rehab and also once you are out. There will be outpatient services and therapy sessions available for all patients who have completed the rehab programme.

This involves up to 12 months of free aftercare which involves direct access to group meetings, individual support when required, and a tailored aftercare plan that takes into account all aspects of your personal situation.

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