Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Altrincham

As one of the main providers of drug and alcohol rehab in Altrincham, we are here to help you or your loved one find your path to recovery and go on to live a happy, healthy life free from alcohol.

If you’re at the point where your alcohol use is impacting your everyday life then it could be time to look into making a change.x

We provide private inpatient rehab and various treatment types through our drug and alcohol rehab in Altrincham.

We work with highly skilled medics, counsellors and substance misuse experts at Rehab 4 Alcoholism. By choosing to detox and go through alcohol rehab with us you are setting yourself up for success.

Types of Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab in Altrincham

Support groups

Our residential treatment centre in Altrincham offers effective treatments and therapies in our alcohol rehab programme.

Our team of skilled addiction specialists are there to support you every step of the way to gain the knowledge and insight you need to overcome your addiction and avoid relapse.

When detoxing from alcohol it is common to experience cravings, and physical and mental side effects are also to be expected. As your body eliminates the alcohol from your system these side effects can be so severe they can become dangerous and even life-threatening.

We can minimise some of the dangers that arise during an alcohol detox by using medication. Our medical team in our Altrincham alcohol rehab can provide you with medication that will make the detoxing process less dangerous.

Therapy and treatment can begin when your system is free from alcohol. You will work with our addiction specialists through therapy and counselling sessions to establish triggers and coping mechanisms.

Once you have completed enough therapy sessions we can start the aftercare programme.

A good aftercare programme is key to avoiding a relapse back into alcohol addiction, or if a relapse occurs your aftercare support could help you get back on track quicker. Our aftercare will involve your family with your permission and includes a phone line offering support at home.

We offer various treatments including alcohol rehab for men, focusing on male-specific counselling. We created this specific treatment to help men to open up and deal with the issues that have contributed to their alcohol addiction.

Private rehabilitation programmes like ours will allow you access to more treatment options than are available at publicly funded alcohol and drug rehab.

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How to Identify Alcohol Addiction

Man sat on sofa with wine bottles

Just like other mental health conditions alcohol addiction is classed as an illness or disease.

The rehab process should be supported by professionals without any stigma who will give the correct medical, physical and emotional support.

If you’ve found yourself questioning whether your or a loved one’s alcohol use has become an addiction then you could consider the following.

Has your drinking begun to affect your everyday life? You might find you’re no longer able to function the same at work, or you’re hiding how much you’re drinking, or your friends and family have noticed and your relationships are struggling.

If you need help understanding more about alcohol addiction we have information that can help.

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How Can I Tell if I have an Alcohol Addiction?

man sat down with a bottle of alcohol

You may have no doubts at all that you’re experiencing addictive behaviour daily and that your drinking is out of control.

If your drinking starts to impact a wide range of aspects of your everyday life then you likely have a substance use disorder. Alcohol misuse can affect your life in lots of ways. You could find your health is starting to suffer, your job or your relationships.

What you do next when it comes to finding help for alcohol addiction is a personal choice and one that only you can make.

They can be utilised to establish whether you have a problem with alcohol. What would you answer if asked the following?

  • Have you considered cutting down on your alcohol intake?
  • Do you ever get annoyed when someone comments on how much you drink?
  • Have you experienced guilt where alcohol is concerned?
  • Has there ever been an instance where you have taken an eye-opener drink – as a way of getting rid of a hangover?

Alcohol addiction is very likely you have found yourself answering yes to one or more of the above statements.

If you have established you have an alcohol addiction then it’s time to get help and start living a fulfilling life free from addiction.

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Alcohol Detox at Rehab in Altrincham

Man lying down with his hand over his head

Going through an alcohol detox happens when you stop drinking and eliminate all alcohol from your system when you have previously been drinking heavily.

That may sound simple, you just stop drinking, but it’s more often than not a very challenging process. Not only will you experience often severe side effects it’s often a life-threatening process to undergo alone.

After the body has got rid of the alcohol that was present in its systems then the second stage will see the alcohol level drop to zero at this point the central nervous system is no longer suppressed.

In those who have been drinking heavily the central nervous system has been used to function with the depressant effects of alcohol. The CNS now needs to start functioning normally again which can cause some difficult withdrawal symptoms.

Some other symptoms that people experience during alcohol detox include vomiting, sweating, and insomnia. After the first 24 hours of detox, you may suffer from hallucinations, seizures, tremors and many more dangerous side effects.

It’s important to work with experienced medical professionals and addiction specialists to make detoxing as safe as possible.

The act of detoxing can be extremely dangerous and our medical team will be able to provide medication and support to help manage the difficult side effects that can occur.

After you have completed your alcohol detox and alcohol is no longer present within your body then we can begin counselling and therapy in a safe environment to help you achieve long-term recovery.

In our Altrincham residential rehab facility for alcohol addiction, the care you receive will be 24 hours a day. Having this intensive yet supportive inpatient treatment could be what you need to start your recovery from addiction.

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Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Altrincham

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Europe has the highest per capital consumption of alcohol of all regions globally, and the highest level of alcohol-related harm the levels of alcohol consumption are so high across Europe that it’s a serious public health issue. (1)

The challenges of overcoming any addiction shouldn’t be underestimated. Addiction is far-reaching and can include gambling addiction, cocaine addiction and even internet addiction.

Whether you believe you have a moderate addiction or severe addiction when it comes to alcohol our addiction services are there to help you recover and live a fulfilling life free from alcohol.

After an initial addiction assessment, our team will implement a plan to tackle your alcohol addiction. This will likely start with an initial alcohol detox. By detoxing in an inpatient care facility you will give yourself the best chance to safely and successfully detox.

Our residential rehab in Altrincham will be your home from home for between 14 days and 6 months this will depend on the level of support you need.

Our addiction specialists, experts and medics will support you throughout your time with us, helping you detox and tackle your addiction.

By going through the initial detox phase in residential rehab, you may find you can better manage the physical and mental symptoms that occur.

After your drug detox or alcohol detox is complete your addiction therapy and counselling will begin.

Our trained addiction specialists are used to working with people suffering from various types and levels of addiction. They also have experience working with various mental health challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder.

You will find you have a far higher success rate by choosing a residential rehab facility than those that choose to remain at home. In residential rehab, you will not be surrounded by the normal triggers of everyday life that would normally find you reaching for another drink.

Learn why residential rehab in Altrincham could be the best option for you or a loved one.

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Alcohol Rehab for Men in Altrincham

Men talking

At Rehab 4 Alcoholism we have a unique treatment programme targeted specifically to the complex needs of men.

Men and women both suffer from alcohol addictions but we have found by creating a specific treatment programme for men we have to allow them the environment to feel comfortable, open up and hopefully recover successfully.

Could you or a loved one use addiction rehab for men? 

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Addiction Treatment Options during Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Altrincham

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Our rehab services in Altrincham are designed to help you recover from your alcohol addiction and avoid relapsing.

Types of treatment we recommend include:

The diverse range of treatments on offer through our drug and alcohol rehab in Altrincham range from medical detox to holistic and talking therapies. We offer the perfect environment and standards of care to help you deal with your addiction.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is not a new treatment it has been around for some time and has helped hundreds of thousands of people struggling with addictive behaviours.

The NHS explains (2) “CBT is based on the concept that your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are interconnected, and that negative thoughts and feelings can trap you in a vicious cycle.” Our team will be able to advise you on whether CBT is the best treatment option for you.

Another treatment that has proven to be extremely beneficial for those struggling with addiction is equine therapy. This treatment encourages you to groom, care for and spend time with horses.

These sessions will be guided by trained professionals and will act as informal therapy sessions allowing you to focus on the care of another living being, proving to be beneficial both mentally and physically.

We offer something known as alcohol intervention counselling. This is a therapy designed to help you learn more about your cravings and triggers and the best ways to avoid them.

This in turn should help you avoid relapsing back into addiction. These sessions could last between 8-12 weeks, you will work with a counsellor throughout this time.

Treatment options such as self-help groups and family therapy sessions will also be available to you if needed.

If our team believes it’s a good option for you then intensive outpatient therapy could be offered to you to help you overcome your addiction. This treatment allows you to stay at home and visit our team in the residential rehab facility daily for treatment and therapy.

Speak to one of our trained experts to discuss which treatment options may benefit you the most. You can contact us by calling 0800 111 4108 or enquire here.

Aftercare when Receiving Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Altrincham

Men in a lounge, laughing and making notes

A key part of any rehab is aftercare. Having a good aftercare programme of support in place could help to avoid relapse and keep you on your path to recovery.

We incorporate relapse prevention techniques throughout your treatment including in your therapy sessions the following detoxification.

We will help you to discover and manage any triggers for your drinking and we supply you with coping strategies to avoid relapse if you are triggered.

However, with any recovery journey relapse is a possibility. If you do relapse you’re not alone. You can call our helpline which we will provide details for once your rehab is complete.

We also encourage you to include your family in your rehab and aftercare. We will support them by helping them to identify a relapse and teach them the best ways to help them through the relapse and back on track to recovery from addiction.

We’ll provide you with details of local Alcoholics Anonymous groups which use 12-step programmes to encourage lasting recovery.

Contact our advisors today for more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Altrincham at 0800 111 4108 or contact us through this website.

Rehab FAQs

We understand that finding a rehab for your alcohol addiction is a big decision. We have compiled a list of FAQs regarding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Altrincham to help answer any questions, you can refer to our Rehab FAQs.

If you require further information, contact our advisors today and for free at 0800 111 4108 or contact us through this website and a member of our team will respond shortly.


[1] https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/delivering-better-oral-health-an-evidence-based-toolkit-for-prevention/chapter-12-alcohol

[2] https://www.nhs.uk/mental-health/talking-therapies-medicine-treatments/talking-therapies-and-counselling/cognitive-behavioural-therapy-cbt/overview/



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