Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Chorley

Reaching the point of acknowledging you have an addiction is a huge step. You aren’t alone. In 2021, Chorley NHS services experienced an 18% rise in alcohol-related admissions to hospitals.[1]

About drugs, “there are 9.1 opiate and/or crack cocaine users (per 1,000 of the population aged 15-64) in… Lancashire”.[2]

Psychoactive substances are used throughout the local area. This leads to addiction. If you or someone you love is affected, it’s beneficial to know the drug or alcohol rehab in Chorley that will be suitable.

Alcohol Addiction and You

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When you develop an alcohol addiction, your brain changes; the chemicals, the structure, and how it works. Alcoholism is a disease. As such you need both physical and psychological treatments to manage the illness and recover.

While you might desperately want to quit off your own back, it’s not only unlikely you’ll be able to do so without professional support, but it can also be seriously dangerous. This is because alcohol withdrawal at its worst can be fatal (when linked to seizures).

It’s important if you use alcohol regularly and have come to rely on it that you find out what your rehab options are. Knowing what services are out there can help you decide what will suit you best in terms of recovery.

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What is it Like at Rehab?

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A private drug or alcohol rehab in Chorley has the main aim of supporting people who have severe addictions to quit substances.

Residents participate in daily activities where they learn how to manage cravings and emotional reactions as well as make sense of the past and learn about the other perspectives on addiction.

There are regular group sessions where you connect with others and share experiences. You get full attention in individual sessions where you come to deep realisations and learn how to change your way of thinking and how you act.

In terms of the environment, you’ll feel comfortable. Rehab is a friendly and relaxed place that aims to make you feel as ready and supported to heal as possible.

Residents are supported to stick to the house’s routine and encouraged to follow meal times and nutrition plans.

All of this supports you physically. Of course, for those who have physical dependencies, there are also clinically supervised detoxes available too. Exercise and meditation also feature during the day to give you some inner peace.

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What Can You Do at Home to Support Your Loved One Before Rehab?

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It can be really difficult when you live with someone who has an addiction not to fall into enabling or apathetic relationship dynamics. The situation around you and your loved one can become strained and it’s easy to feel helpless.

When these circumstances arise, there are two types of interventions you can use to support your loved one with the addiction as well as the rest of the household.

Firstly, the CRAFT intervention offers a whole-family approach. You learn more about how addiction works and how to communicate in healthy ways with your loved one while looking after your own needs too. Relationship dynamics improve as positive behaviours become the focus.

Secondly, there is the traditional intervention where you’re supported by a GP or another professional to discuss with your loved one. Together you explain what worries you have about their substance use and then the professional explains treatment options.

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How Much it Costs to go to Rehab in Chorley


To stay as a resident for some time at a drug and alcohol rehab in Chorley costs money. The accommodation needs to be covered, staff need to be subsidised, and treatments need effective resources and require effort and time. As such, there is a cost.

Some rehab clinics cost around £1000 a week, while others cost £5000 a week. It all depends on the level of accommodation you stay in (i.e. is it luxury or budget) and what treatments you’ll need.

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Will the NHS Pay For a Private Rehab stay in Chorley?

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There is some funding available through the NHS to pay for private rehab placements in Chorley. This is especially helpful if you’re in a financial situation where you don’t have the funding to cover the cost.

To access this funding, you need to apply to the council which will decide, out of a list of applicants, who will receive the money. The council members will expect to see evidence that you’re doing your utmost to conquer your alcohol or drug addiction already.

This is demonstrated through linking with local services and doing everything your substance misuse worker advises.

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How Long Do You Need to Stay at Rehab?

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The amount of time that’s recommended for people to stay at rehab is 28 days. This might seem lengthy, but you have to bear in mind that addiction takes much longer than that to sink into your brain, thoughts, and behaviours.

You need to put in the time to get through difficult early cravings and to learn strategies that will help you change deeply ingrained habits. 28 days allows you the space to do this. Some people stay longer, especially where mental health conditions require more input.

Also, others enter simply for a physical detox. While this is important to begin healing the organs and to change the psychological processes of addiction, a longer stay is necessary.

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What’s the Difference Between Council-Funded Services and Private Rehab?

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When thinking about the different types of rehabilitation support you can get, you’ll discover that two main business types can offer you treatment:

  1. Council-funded services are those paid for by the government. They’re free to access in the community. At them, you’ll meet others who have addictions and who might or might not be ready to quit. There is some one-to-one support and also weekly sessions such as 12 Step groups.
  2. A private drug and alcohol rehab in Chorley is slightly different in that it’s funded by the individual. This covers everything you need to stay as a resident at a clinic and receive all the treatments from expert staff to become sober.

Psychological therapies and relaxing activities are all provided, as well as medically overseen detoxes. Everyone who goes to rehab enters to come off the alcohol and drugs.

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What You Need to Know About Inpatient and Outpatient rehab in Chorley

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The most important points to know about inpatient and outpatient rehab services in Chorley is the latter means you stay living at home and the prior means staying at a clinic to receive treatments.

When people say “going to rehab” to stay as a resident at a clinic, this means being treated as an inpatient. This approach to recovery is more immersive and intense. The goal is to get you sober by supporting you with 24-hour care and therapies.

Outpatient services are sometimes provided by private clinics to residents who have left their care, but usually, outpatient services for addiction rehabilitation refer to council-funded treatment centres.

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Alcohol Detox and Rehab in Chorley

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Perhaps you’re unsure if you have an alcohol addiction. If you have any of the following signs, then it’s imperative you seriously explore your rehabilitation options…

  • Developing a tremor when your body is lacking alcohol.
  • Craving alcohol.
  • Having mood swings when between drinking sessions.
  • Hiding the amount you drink from others.
  • Feeling confused or hallucinating when you’re not under the influence of alcohol.
  • Having seizures during alcohol withdrawal.

At rehab, you’ll be supported by a doctor to detox from alcohol. They’ll prescribe you Librium which is a medication that eases the distressing effects of withdrawal. It will take around 10 days for you to come off alcohol safely.

The next part of treatment is where you address the psychological part of your addiction; the reasons that led you to drink and what keeps you using it.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself and think, also, about whom you want to become and how to reach that goal. Psychological therapies give you the strategies to use every day for the rest of your life to remain sober.

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Rehab for Cocaine in Chorley

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There are people throughout the area accessing drug and alcohol rehab in Chorley for cocaine abuse.

While it might seem like a party drug when people first experiment with it at clubs, at festivals, or with friends, it needs to be remembered that it’s a class-A  drug for a particular reason.

Cocaine is deeply addictive. It depletes a person’s serotonin and ingrains unhealthy addictive habits into the brain compelling you to use it again and again, even in the face of familial destruction and financial ruin.

This is on top of the damaging effect it has on physical health – the heart and lungs are particular victims of the drug -, and psychological health.

Therapists and counsellors will help you to understand how you can form a life without cocaine. Together you will remember a time before you started using it and when you were content without it.

You’ll find ways to create meaning in what you have now and find pleasure in activities outside of using drugs.

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Rehab for Heroin in Chorley


When you take heroin you can develop both a physical and psychological addiction. This is why it can be incredibly difficult for people to quit.

The withdrawal experience creates very distressing physical symptoms, including:

  • Shaking.
  • Sweating.
  • Mood swings.
  • Low mood.
  • Confusion and hallucinations.
  • Deep pain in the bone and muscles.

At rehab, you’ll start a physical detox. A doctor will oversee this and prescribe you Subutex to manage the symptoms. The detox will last around 7-10 days and you’ll be weaned successfully off heroin.

Next, you’ll begin the psychological approaches to recovery where you’ll learn various ways to manage cravings through mind power and changing behaviours.

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Rehab for Cannabis in Chorley


How you use cannabis will offer you insight as to whether you have developed problematic use. If you’ve become secretive around use, spend more than you can afford, and have come to rely on it to face the day, then cannabis has become a problem.

Many people develop severe withdrawal symptoms, mood swings are especially apparent in cannabis users.

Some people become moody, aggressive and angry when they’re withdrawing. Cannabis also increases the likelihood of anxiety and depression, as well as psychosis.

It can be very hard to quit, especially when your lifestyle becomes geared towards using it. Entering rehab for a completely new scenery and learning a whole new way of thinking and behaving will offer you the basis you need to begin a cannabis-free life.

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Mental and Emotional Therapeutic Approaches to Treatment

Individual therapy

When you enter drug rehab to recover from addiction, each day will look a little different according to what activities are on your schedule.

Therapies and holistic activities you’ll participate in will be:

  • Brief interventions are used by staff to give you information about drugs and alcohol as well as health outcomes that you may not have known before.
  • Motivational interviewing is where a therapist leads you through 2-4 sessions aimed at understanding exactly what it is you do and don’t enjoy about using alcohol and drugs. The goal is to find your underlying motivations around us and those around change.
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy is used to support residents who struggle to emotionally regulate. You’re supported to understand your history and where emotional pain comes from and how to manage it in the present.
  • One of the most important therapies you’ll do at rehab is cognitive behavioural therapy, which is where you’ll learn about the brain and behaviour. The psychology behind addiction is critical to understand and learning how it works will help you regain autonomy over your behaviour.
  • A lot of the staff, whether therapists or not, will offer counselling support. This might also include music and art therapy. It provides a space of exploring thoughts and feelings you have about anything. Many people use this as a helpful space to come to an understanding of how to tackle the social aspect of addiction.
  • There are both 12 Step and SMART groups held at rehab as these are shown to effectively support people throughout the world to feel stronger in their resolve to heal.
  • Alternative therapies are enjoyed by many residents at rehab as a space where connecting the mind and body is nurtured. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in yoga, ear acupuncture, mindfulness, reiki, and equine therapy.

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How a Dual Diagnosis Affects Your Treatment Programme

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol and drug use are often linked to people having low moods or feelings of anxiety. Substances are also used by people experiencing symptoms related to bipolar and schizophrenia. What this means is that your mental health could be a root cause of addiction.

While this is true for some, for others the substances themselves cause mental health symptoms.

It can be tricky to unravel what came first, the chicken or the egg. What’s important in terms of treatment is that the two are identified so that your rehab programme can address the dual diagnosis of both conditions.

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Rehab and Relapse Support

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At rehab, you’ll have discussions with therapists and support workers and you’ll plan for life back at home. This is critical. You’ll identify those events that cause you to crave. Together you’ll create a plan which reminds you of what strategies you’ve learned at rehab to apply to various situations.

There will be a list of steps for you to take to create healthy lifestyle changes. These will become instrumental in keeping you abstinent. With new behaviours that you practise and enjoy, you can override those old, unhealthy habits.

The aftercare plan will also include any likely ongoing support. Most rehab clinics offer an alumni group where you can connect to other residents in a peer-support way. Some residents might have some ongoing outpatient support (i.e. online counselling sessions).

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Alternative Rehab Services in Chorley

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When you leave rehab, you might be keen to access other support organisations as this will support you to stay focused on healing. On the other hand, some people feel a private clinic isn’t for them and prefer to investigate other addiction treatment provisions.

The alternatives to a drug and alcohol rehab in Chorley are the following:

  • A home detox which is ideal for people who have relapsed but who don’t need to return to rehab. This type of detox is also useful for people deemed “low risk” about managing their prescriptions.
  • For people who support you, there are a whole host of other worries. Organisations on offer to support them include both AdFam and Al-Anon.
  • If you’d like support from a drug and alcohol worker to access drop-in clinics, you can contact local council-funded services in Chorley.
  • Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous are available for those seeking ongoing support while also making social connections.
  • Finally, SMART groups are available to provide you with a daily structure and goals to keep you sober.

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