Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Fareham

Suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction can be an extremely lonely and worrying time.

Sometimes, it’s useful and helpful to look into the statistics surrounding addiction in your area, in order to understand just how common it is.

If you’re considering attending drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham, then read the following statistics below.

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Fareham is in Hampshire, and Hampshire is the 3rd biggest county in England in terms of population.

It currently has a population of 1.25 million people, with 87% of these people living in urban areas.

Drug Addiction Statistics In Fareham


There has been a recent significant increase in the number of people who are dying from drug related issues in Hampshire over the past few years.

Unfortunately, a total of 143 people died from drugs in Hampshire across 2014 and 2016, with over 50% of all these deaths caused by opiate consumption.

During just one year, Hampshire had a total of 1,442 people go into treatment for a drug addiction.

Unfortunately, 20% of these people were parents who were currently living with children, and 34% were parents who were not currently living with their children.


Most likely as a result of this, more and more young people in Hampshire are experimenting and abusing drugs.

In fact, approximately 8.7% of young people aged between just 11 and 15 years old have admitted to abusing cannabis over the past few months.

Even more worryingly so, 3.2% have tried a psychoactive substance.

8.7% of young people (aged 11 – 15 years) in Hampshire reported having ever taken cannabis and 3.2% psychoactive substances.

From the most recent study carried out in Hampshire and Fareham, there are approximately 4,043 people in Hampshire who are active opiate users across Hampshire, with a shocking 35% of those users not seeking or accessing treatment for their addiction for a number of different reasons.

Alcohol Addiction Statistics In Fareham

Symptoms of addiction

During the latest study in Fareham, it was revealed that approximately 27% of all adults living in Hampshire were at some form of increased risk from drinking over the recommended amounts of alcohol every week.

When it comes to alcohol related hospital admissions in Fareham, numbers are steadily increasing year on year.

In fact, during 2015 and 2016, there were approximately 23,000 new people admitted to hospital throughout Fareham and Hampshire with an alcohol related issue.

This included alcohol poisoning and other more serious diseases related to excessive alcohol consumption, such as liver disease and cardiovascular disease.

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In addition to this, alcohol related cancer is also on the rise in Fareham and Hampshire.

When it comes to young people in Fareham and Hampshire, there are higher rates of alcohol related hospital admissions for children under 18 years old than most places across the rest of the UK.

In fact, a recent survey taken place in Fareham and Hampshire with a group of 11 – 15 years old found that 49% had drank alcohol recently -higher than the national average, which sits at 38%.

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On top of this, 50% of young people who needed treatment for their alcohol abuse started using alcohol under the tender age of 15 years old.

Of these children in Fareham, 81% went on to access substance treatment in the future for two or more different substances, which is higher than the national average at 60%.

What Is An Alcohol Addiction?

Severe Addiction

An alcohol addiction is a chronic disease, which involves compulsive and repeated drinking of alcohol.

When someone is addicted to alcohol, they are unable to control their actions and substance use.

When someone is addicted to alcohol, they are said to be suffering from an Alcohol Use Disorder, otherwise referred to as an AUD.

Someone can suffer from a mild, moderate or severe AUD, and the severity of their addiction depends on how much they consume, how frequently they consume and how long they have been consuming alcohol.

alcohol damages liver

These drugs have an incredibly powerful and dangerous effect on the brain.

Drugs work by creating a pleasurable ‘high’ when they are first consumed.

These feelings outweigh any negative emotions at that present time, and are what make people want to consume more and more.

However, when an individual does this, their tolerance increases.

alcohol allergy

Overtime, individuals find themselves having to consume more and more to feel that initial ‘high’ and buzz that they were once able to feel so easily.

During this time, the body and brain become addicted dependent on the substances in order to feel ‘normal.’

Also during this time, individuals have to keep consuming alcohol in order to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms, which can be extremely unpleasant.

The withdrawal symptoms are known professionally and medically as hyperkatifeia, which describes the unpleasant and emotional state that people find themselves in during a withdrawal.

What Is Rehab?


A drug rehab facility is where people go when they need medical and psychological help with their addiction.

Doctors and professionals help patients to successfully detox from their addiction, and then move on to receive therapy treatment.

There are three main types of drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham, which include:

Support groups

Each experience at rehab is different depending on each individual and their addiction circumstances.

However, a standard stay in a rehab facility would involve a medical detox upon arrival, and then a series of therapy sessions.

These therapy sessions would include a range of the following forms of therapy.

Men talking

These therapy techniques are offered to anyone undergoing inpatient or outpatient treatment, and have all been proven to aid recovery.

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and think that you need to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham, then you should speak to a member of the Rehab 4 Alcoholism team for advice and support on how to take the first steps.

Pre-Rebab Steps: Intervention?

Group Therapy

When it comes to addiction and substance abuse, an intervention is when someone approaches an individual who’s suffering and confronts them with concerns over their behaviour.

The aim of any intervention is to help.

Interventions also aim to reduce the harm caused, improve the safety of the addiction situation, and encourage overall better health and quality of life.

It is also key that an intervention promotes the idea of attending treatment, and lays out all of the different treatment options available to the individual.


It is for this reason that individuals who want to hold an intervention need to carefully educate themselves and prepare for the intervention.

It is useful to describe your concerns using examples of their behaviour.

For example, you should bring up specific times or situations that the individual has put themselves at harm and has truly worried you.

The ideal outcome of an intervention is that the individual agrees with you and is now willing to seek treatment for their addiction.

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However, it is important to understand that it is only natural for the individual to feel confronted, angry and taken aback by the confrontation.

It is for this reason that you need to think carefully about what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Other risks of holding an intervention include:

  • Feeling lied to
  • Feeling coerced
  • Feeling conflicted
  • Feeling like they cannot trust you anymore
  • Pulling back from being open and honest with you in the future



If you are worried that you might say the wrong thing, or are unsure on how to approach an intervention altogether, then you should look into the CRAFT method.

CRAFT stands for Community Reinforcement And Family Training and is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to educating family members and loved ones on how to hold a successful intervention.

How Much Does Rehab Cost In Fareham?


Unfortunately, attending a private centre for drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham is expensive.

As a result of this, many people across Fareham and the rest of the UK are unable to attend rehab due to the exclusive costs.

Most people are required to undergo a 10 day detox once they arrive at rehab.

This costs approximately £3,000 to £6,000 for a private room.


Many people opt for a private room for this part of the recovery process as detoxes are particularly challenging.

However, if you do opt for a shared room, then the price for a 10 day detox does reduce slightly to anywhere between £2,000 and £4,000.

Nevertheless, most people are required to stay even longer in rehab in order to receive therapy.

This requires a 28 day stay in a drug rehab facility, meaning that people end up paying considerably more.

Cost of rehab

The cost for a 28 day stay for a private room costs anywhere between £8,000 and £12,000.

However, a shared room will cost £6,000.

Unfortunately, these costs are simply too high for many individuals who suffer from a drug or alcohol problem.

The issue lies in the fact that a lot of people who suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction also suffer from employment issues, homeless and social isolation.


This means that they are often unable to fund these costs themselves, or ask a loved one to pay for them.

If this relates to you, then you should consider asking to undergo a home detox.

A home detox is when an individual remains at home for their detox, and will receive therapy over the phone and any medication through the post.

As this requires less support, individuals pay just £1,500.

However, individuals will only be considered for a home detox if they are motivated to recover with less support.

Is Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Fareham Covered By The NHS?

Woman support

If you are unable to pay for the costs of private rehab treatment, then you might want to consider attending NHS funded drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham.

NHS funded rehab is a fantastic option if you cannot afford private rehab, as it is entirely funded by the NHS meaning that you do not need to pay yourself for your treatment.

However, unfortunately not everyone qualifies for NHS funded rehab.

There is a strict set of criteria that individuals will need to meet until they are able to gain access to one of the NHS’s waiting lists.

The key differences between NHS funded rehab and private rehab treatment are listed below, further in this article.

How Long Does Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Fareham Last?

How long rehab

Lots of people who want to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham and throughout the rest of the UK are anxious about how long they will need to stay in rehab.

Sufferers are naturally anxious about what rehab will entail, and whether they will be made to stay there for longer than they might want to or agree to.

However, it is important to understand that you will discuss and agree on how long you will be needed for before you enter rehab, and this will not change without you agreeing to it.

How long does rehab last

Depending on your addiction, you might be required to undergo a physical detox.

This will mean that you are required to stay in rehab for a minimum of 10 days.

After this, you will be expected to undergo a range of different therapy techniques and sessions with specialists and councillors, which usually increases your stay to 28 days.

If you suffer from a more severe addiction, with other complications like a dual diagnosis, then you might be required to stay in rehab for 2 to 3 months.

NHS VS Private Addiction Treatment

Doctor consultation

As discussed above, lots of people who are unable to afford private rehab treatment are able to ask for NHS funded rehab treatment.

However, it is important to understand that if you opt for NHS funded drug rehab treatment in Fareham, then you will not go on to attend an entirely NHS funded facility.

This is because there is no such thing.

The NHS cannot afford to fund their own rehab centre, so they book and pay for slots and spaces in private rehab centres.


There are many benefits when it comes to NHS funded rehab.

For example, it is entirely free and is just as confidential as private rehab treatment.

As both forms of treatment are carried out in the same facilities, you will most likely be treated by the same doctors and psychologists too.

However, due to the high demand of people who cannot afford private drug rehab and addiction treatment, individuals do have to wait for a number of weeks or months before they are able to be admitted.


With private rehab, you will be seen almost immediately, and certainly within a few days.

You will also be paying for the very best treatment and therapy techniques, from the best doctors and psychologists in your area.

However, as previously discussed, private rehab is incredibly expensive and therefore exclusive, meaning that a lot of people who would benefit from attending private rehab treatment over NHS funded rehab treatment will not be able to attend.

Inpatient Or Outpatient Treatment In Fareham

Living room

Lots of people get confused between the differences between inpatient and outpatient drug rehab and addiction treatment.

If you’re considering attending drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham, then you need to understand the following differences between these two distinct forms of rehab treatment.

Outpatient treatment in Fareham is the ideal option for anyone who needs to remain living at home whilst they receive their treatment.

This might be for a number of reasons, but most likely because they need to maintain a job or look after dependents such as children.

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During this form of treatment, individuals will visit the rehab centre on a daily or weekly basis for a number of hours to undergo their therapy sessions.

However, inpatient drug treatment is very different as individuals temporarily move into the rehab centre for a period of time.

They will eat, sleep and recover within the facility.

Inpatient treatment is the best option for anyone who has a severe addiction who needs to be motivated and monitored continuously in order to recover successfully.

Alcohol Detox & Alcohol Rehab In Fareham

Man exhausted

If you are addicted to alcohol in the Fareham area and your addiction is severe, then you might need to attend alcohol rehab in Fareham in order to recover.

Unfortunately, alcohol is both mentally and physically addictive which means that in order to recover, individuals will need to undergo both a detox and therapy in order to successfully recover.

Upon admission, individuals will be assessed and placed into their detox programme which they will then spend 10 days completing.

Throughout this time, individuals will experience a range of different withdrawal symptoms for a number of days.

Whilst this is often the most challenging part of anyone’s recovery, it is also the most rewarding.

Medicated detox

You might also be prescribed some medication during the detox process to help you to overcome these unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, such as Librium.

Once this detox is completed successfully, patients then continue to recover through therapy and one to one sessions with psychologists.

Rehab For Cocaine In Fareham


If you suffer from an addiction to cocaine in the Fareham area, then you might feel anxious about what rehab entails.

Rehab for an addiction to cocaine will usually contain a series of therapy sessions, some of which are listed below.

However, it is important to understand that if you are addicted to cocaine your body will not be physically dependent on the drug, meaning that you do not need to detox in order to recover.

Rehab For Heroin In Fareham


If you are addicted to heroin, then it is important that you attend drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham in order to recover.

Your rehab and addiction treatment plan will consist of a physical detox before a series of therapy sessions.

This is because heroin causes a physical addiction, which will need to be cured before you can receive any other treatment.

Rehab For Cannabis In Fareham


Cannabis is a highly addictive drug that causes individuals to have a series of psychological and health issues in the future.

However, despite common belief, cannabis is not physically addictive which means that individuals undergoing addiction treatment for an addiction to cannabis do not need to undergo a detox prior to their therapy sessions.

Types Of Therapies On Offer in Fareham Rehab Centres

Women talking

It is important to be open to undergoing therapy whilst at a centre for drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham.

Luckily, there is a wide range of different therapy techniques on offer in most rehab centres.

Whilst not every therapy technique will be suited to you and your needs, it is important to experiment and to remain open minded.


Some of these therapy techniques are listed below.

Upon admission to drug rehab in Fareham, your doctors and specialist will assess which therapy techniques will be best suited to you and your specific addiction needs.

The Importance Of Dual Diagnosis

Doctor with clipboard

By definition, a dual diagnosis when someone suffers from a mental health issue alongside a substance use disorder (SUD).

When someone suffers from a dual diagnosis, treatment is incredibly important.

A dual diagnosis causes more complications with both the mental health and addiction issue.

Symptoms of a dual diagnosis include:

  • Withdrawing from social activities
  • Extreme changes in behaviour
  • Relying on prescribed or illegal drugs
  • Severe depression
  • Severe anxiety

Woman support

In order to recover from your dual diagnosis, you must seek treatment and help from professionals.

Once you are admitted into rehab, a specialist will work to establish what those underlying mental health issues are and, subsequently, what treatment options will be best suited to you.

From then on, you will work to complete your physical detox followed by a series of different therapy techniques listed above.

How Attending Rehab In Fareham Helps With Relapse Prevention

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If you have ever attended drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham, then you will know just how much time and dedication goes into recovery.

That is why it is incredibly important that once you attend rehab and recover from your addiction, that you stay sober and on track.

When you attend drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham, you will be prevented with your very own relapse prevention plan.

Whilst every relapse prevention plan is different, there are a few things that you should include, including the following tips and techniques.

Group with notes

You should write down a list of triggers and things that might knock you off track.

This might include some individuals, places or situations that have a negative and unhealthy influence on you.

You should also include other tips and tricks on how to keep a healthy mindset, such as meditation techniques, positive mantras and a list of exercises that have helped you throughout rehab.

You could also include the contact details of some friends and family members who you know you can rely on to be there for you should you experience any doubts or cravings.


stop sign

You could also include the HALT method to recovery.

The idea behind the HALT method is that if you experience a craving, then you should check to see if you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired.

If you are, then you should tend to this sensation first – you will often find that your craving has disappeared.

Aftercare And Support Services In Fareham

Support Group

Once you have completed your addiction treatment plan in rehab, you will need to continue working hard at your recovery in order to stay sober.

In order to do this, a lot of people engage in aftercare and support services once they arrive back at home.

Whilst not all aftercare and support services work for everyone, it is a good idea to remain open minded to most aftercare services so that you find the right one for you.

Support network

A few of these aftercare and support services are listed below.

If you are suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction in Fareham and need to attend drug and alcohol treatment, then you should speak to a member of the Rehab 4 Alcoholism team for advice and support on your first steps to recovery.

Get Help Today

Person with phone

If you are unsure of what aftercare and support services are available in Fareham or want to talk about anything to do with addiction, then ring a member of the team at Rehab 4 Alcoholism on 0800 111 4108.

Addiction is a debilitating disease, but with our expertise and your intrinsic motivation, we can overcome it together.

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There are various types of rehab centres available in Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Fareham, including inpatient alcohol rehab, luxury alcohol rehab, and private drug rehabs.

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