Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Hounslow

If you are struggling with addiction, you can turn your life around by attending drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow.

Located in West London, Hounslow is a small borough that is home to several rehab clinics to help residents recover from the effects of addiction.


Below are some drug and alcohol addiction statistics for Hounslow:

  • 15% of adults in Hounslow who drink alcohol are at an increased risk of developing an alcohol addiction, while 16.1% are at a higher risk.
  • There are 7.1 opiate or crack cocaine users in every 1000 Hounslow residents.
  • The rate of alcohol-related male hospital admissions is higher in Hounslow than the London average.
  • Most alcohol-related deaths in Hounslow are due to chronic liver disease.

This article will explain the various benefits of attending drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow and will aim to answer any questions that you may have.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Symptoms of addiction

Also known as alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction is defined as the inability to reduce alcohol consumption despite a desire to stop and/or any negative consequences associated with alcohol use.

No one is immune to developing an alcohol addiction – it can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, race or socioeconomic status.

Some people may be more genetically predisposed to developing an alcohol addiction, while others may turn to alcohol as a coping method to deal with stress and worries in their life.

You may have an alcohol addiction if you find it difficult to stop drinking, use alcohol to alleviate negative feelings or find yourself drinking at inappropriate times such as at work or when you are in charge of children.

What Is Drug And Alcohol Rehab?


For someone with an addiction, drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow is a safe environment where they can recover both physically and mentally.

Some people may choose to immerse themselves in recovery and decide to live full-time at the rehab clinic until they have completed their treatment programme.

Others may attend on a part-time basis which is commonly known as an outpatient programme.

At drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow, you will typically progress through three main stages.


The first is detox, in which you will slowly taper off your drug or alcohol intake over a period of 7-10 days.

Next, you will begin counselling which will usually last for a minimum of three weeks.

Finally, you will focus on relapse prevention and a range of techniques that can help you to stay sober outside of the rehab environment.

What Is An Addiction Intervention?

Group Therapy

When you are in the depths of addiction, it can be difficult or even impossible to see the effect that your behaviour is having on your loved ones.

In fact, they are likely devastated by your addiction and desperately want you to seek help.

If they believe that you will not seek help on your own, they may hold an intervention.

This is a meeting between you and your closest friends and family, and in the majority of cases you will not know about it until it is happening.


Often run by a professional interventionist, the purpose of this meeting is to encourage you to seek help and highlight how damaging the addiction has been to your friends and family.

Sometimes, an intervention doesn’t look like the emotional confrontation that you may have imagined.

The CRAFT method of intervention is a gentle approach that helps family members to use positive reinforcement techniques over time, which can help the affected person gradually recognise that they have a problem and need to seek professional help.

How Long Does Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Hounslow Last?

Watch in sand

It’s understandable to want to know how much time to put aside for drug and alcohol rehab.

After all, recovering from an addiction is a big commitment and will likely take some time.

You may wish to complete your recovery as quickly as possible, but a shorter treatment programme does not always guarantee success.

Depending on how severe your addiction is, you may be advised to undergo a 30, 60 or 90-day treatment programme.

How long does rehab last

It can be helpful to think about it this way – you didn’t become addicted to drugs and alcohol overnight, and it likely took some time to reach this point.

Therefore, your recovery will not be instantaneous and will require hard work and determination over a long period of time.

How Much Does Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Hounslow Cost?

Cost of rehab

The question on many people’s minds when they begin seeking help for their addiction is often, ‘Can I afford it?’

It’s true that rehab can be expensive, particularly long-term residential treatment.

However, there are ways to lower the cost and access high-quality treatment for less.

In most cases, you can expect to pay around £15,000 for a 30-day treatment programme at drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow.


This works out to roughly £500 per day.

However, there are many rehab clinics in Hounslow that are cheaper, so it is worth looking into a number of different treatment centres to see which one would best suit your budget.

Can I Get Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Hounslow On The NHS?


Even if the cheaper rehab clinics in Hounslow are out of your budget, it may still be possible to access addiction treatment.

You can apply for NHS-funded rehab if you meet the specific criteria, which will allow you to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow for free.

There are limited spaces available each year, and many people find that their application is denied even if they meet all the requirements.

This is due to a lack of funding for NHS rehab, with many people applying for a small number of spaces.

Holding hands

For the best chance of being accepted, you will need to work with a local drug and alcohol support team, which your doctor will be able to refer you to.

They will help you with your application and advise you on the best steps to take.

What Are The Differences Between Inpatient Rehab And Outpatient Rehab?

Living room

If you’re new to rehab and the whole experience of addiction treatment, you may be confused by some of the terms you encounter.

Many rehab clinics specialise in inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment, and we have listed the main differences between the two below.

Men talking

Inpatient Rehab

  • You will live at the rehab clinic until the end of your treatment programme.
  • This form of addiction treatment is often more expensive.
  • It is a chance to immerse yourself in rehab and escape an unhealthy environment.
  • Fewer temptations and triggers, less chance of relapse.

Adventure Therapy

Outpatient Rehab

  • You will continue to live at home while you attend rehab appointments.
  • This form of addiction treatment is often more affordable.
  • It is more accessible for people who have other responsibilities such as work or children.
  • Hands-on practice with managing triggers and temptations.

If you would like assistance in choosing between inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab in Hounslow, call the Rehab for Alcoholism team on 0800 111 4108 for confidential advice.

What Are The Differences Between Private Rehab And NHS Rehab?

Individual therapy

Similarly to the above, you may be unsure of the differences between private rehab and NHS rehab.

The main differences between these two rehab options are listed below:

Women talking

Private Rehab

  • You will pay for your own treatment, either from your own pocket or from donations sourced from others.
  • You will usually be admitted quickly and will be able to start treatment soon after you first contact the clinic.
  • You will be able to customise and change your treatment programme to best suit you.
  • You will often have access to a wide range of therapy options, even niche treatments such as equine therapy.

Support groups

NHS Rehab

  • Your addiction treatment is completely free.
  • It can be difficult to be accepted for NHS-funded rehab.
  • The admissions process can be slow and time-consuming.
  • You will have access to high-quality addiction treatment alongside private rehab patients.

No matter which option you choose, you will find caring and empathetic staff who want to assist you in recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction.

Alcohol Detox And Rehab In Hounslow

alcohol damages liver

Drinking large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis has become normalised across the UK, and many people are unable to recognise the signs of alcohol addiction in themselves and others.

When you arrive at drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow, you will first be assessed to determine the severity of your addiction – this may be classified as mild, moderate or severe.

You will then undergo a detox under medical supervision, which involves flushing the body of alcohol over a 7-10 day period.

You can expect to experience a number of mild to severe withdrawal symptoms ranging from nausea to seizures, and these may be treated with medications such as Librium.

Recovery Groups

Finally, at least three weeks of counselling are recommended to help you to recover psychologically from the addiction.

During this time you will learn how to avoid relapse and develop healthy behaviours instead of alcohol use.

Cocaine Detox And Rehab In Hounslow


For some people, taking cocaine is synonymous with the party scene and is linked to excitement and fun times.

However, this white powdered substance is extremely addictive and can quickly develop into a psychological dependence that should be treated at drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow.

We often recommend Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for patients with a cocaine addiction, as it can help to retrain the brain and understand where our thoughts and behaviours stem from.

You may also be prescribed medication during this time, as cocaine withdrawal can cause depressive thoughts and feelings as your brain relearns how to release serotonin naturally.

Heroin Detox And Rehab In Hounslow


While a heroin addiction can feel impossible to break, recovering from this physical and psychological dependency is possible thanks to the work of drug rehabs.

The withdrawal process can be tough, with extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms lasting for up to 7-10 days.

It is important that you withdraw from heroin under medical supervision, to prevent a potentially fatal relapse due to diminished tolerance.

You will also need to undergo at least three weeks of counselling, and it is recommended that you continue with counselling once you have completed your treatment programme.

Cannabis Detox And Rehab In Hounslow


Cannabis can be smoked, vaped or consumed in edible form, and all of these methods can result in a psychological addiction.

An addiction to cannabis can be treated at drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow, and treatment usually revolves around counselling.

Many people with a cannabis addiction struggle to find the motivation to begin and continue recovery, so motivational interviewing can be extremely effective in these cases.

You may also find medication to be helpful during this process, particularly anti-anxiety medication, and this may be prescribed at your doctor’s discretion.

Which Types Of Therapy Are Available At Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Hounslow?


Our rehab patients in Hounslow benefit from a wide range of therapy treatments, each designed to help you understand and heal from your addiction in a multitude of ways.

You may be offered one or more of the following therapy treatments when attending drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow:

Man rock climbing

Some rehab clinics may be more limited in the types of treatment that they can offer, possibly due to space or financial restrictions.

It’s important to check that the rehab clinic that you wish to attend is able to provide the specific type of therapy treatment that you are looking for, otherwise you may not receive the support that you need.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Doctor consultation

Sometimes, the struggles you face can be more than just an addiction.

It is estimated that up to 60% of people entering alcohol or drug rehab have a dual diagnosis, which is the presence of both a mental health disorder and an addiction simultaneously.

This may include alcohol addiction, drug addiction, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.

It’s important to correctly identify and treat someone with a dual diagnosis, as they require specialised support to recover effectively.

Woman exhausted

If just one condition is treated, they are more likely to relapse and find themselves trapped in the cycle of addiction and poor mental health.

A specialised combination of medication, counselling and detox is usually helpful in treating someone with a dual diagnosis and can help patients to take steps toward long-term recovery.

How Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Hounslow Can Help To Prevent Relapse

Man with pen

As part of your treatment programme during rehab you will be assisted in creating a relapse prevention plan, which can help to prepare you for life after rehab and allow you to feel more prepared and confident about what is to come.

This may include becoming more aware of your triggers and how to manage them effectively, knowing the signs of a potential relapse and coming up with effective and healthy solutions, and keeping yourself motivated and on track with your recovery.

You may be given documents and worksheets to complete, act out potential scenarios with your therapist and learn how to recognise any warning signs.

Group with notes

Relapse is a completely normal part of addiction recovery, but it is not compulsory.

With the help of your counsellor, you may be able to avoid it.

Which Aftercare And Support Services Are Available In Hounslow?

Support Group

Many people are at their most vulnerable when they leave rehab, as they are learning how to reintegrate back into life outside of a treatment programme.

You may find the following aftercare and support services helpful after you leave drug and alcohol rehab in Hounslow:

We highly recommend finding at least one aftercare service in Hounslow to support you through an often difficult and overwhelming time, and to facilitate your long-term recovery.

Getting Help Today

Person with phone

If you are unsure of what aftercare and support services are available in Hounslow or want to talk about anything to do with addiction, then ring a member of the team at Rehab 4 Alcoholism on 0800 111 4108.

Addiction is a debilitating disease, but with our expertise and your intrinsic motivation, we can overcome it together.

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