Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Isle of Man

Has the impact of drugs or alcohol on your physical health reached a worrying point?

Perhaps you’re concerned about how long you can carry on as you are.

On the other hand, you might not feel you have a substance issue, but are aware that you’re using more regularly and this is concerning.


Wherever you are, there are treatment options for you at a drug or alcohol rehab in Isle of Man.

On the island, it was reported that 1 in 5 people drink harmful amounts.

In 2021 there was also an 18% rise in crime due to drug seizures, largely because of debt and violence following police seizures.

If you or someone you love is affected by addiction issues you can contact the Rehab 4 Alcoholism team for advice.

Alcohol, The Brain And Behaviour

Symptoms of addiction

Knowing a bit about how alcohol impacts the brain is important if you or someone you love has an alcohol addiction.

The reason for this is that it will help you reach a place of self-compassion, which is important in terms of recovery.

Addiction is not a choice: it is a disease.

People don’t choose it and the vast majority want to heal.

Woman support

However, without professional support it is extremely hard to quit.

Drinking alcohol becomes addictive because a person is compelled to drink again and again.

While they may have started from a place of choosing it, there are usually different factors at play that make the person more likely to return to the substance.

Woman exhausted

Doing so often quickly changes the neural pathways in the brain to form an addiction.

In the case of alcohol, it can lead to a dependency which is when you come to need the alcohol in order to function.

In fact, going without alcohol becomes dangerous.

When you reach this point, you need rehab treatment in order to wean off the substance in a safe manner.

What You Need To Know About Rehab


If you’re considering a residential stay at an alcohol rehab in Isle of Man, you’ll want to know a bit about what it’s like.

To start with, you’ll have your own space – some residents share a room, others opt for an individual one.

The environment is relaxing, as this helps you to be more open to treatments.

The staff are welcoming and friendly, whilst remaining professional and working to health industry standards.

Holding Hands

You’ll feel reassured by the rehab being substance-free and knowing that everything to keep you sober in a comfortable way is provided – from staff attention and specialist activities through to prescription medication.

As well as this you’ll have an in-house chef providing a well-balanced meal plan as this helps to support your body to replenish.

You’ll be given a timetable to follow that will include various therapies and treatments all aimed at making your recovery easier.

What You Can Do At Home To Support A Family Member Who Has An Addiction

Holding hands

Living with some who has an addiction can be tough, especially if you don’t really know how to approach it.

There are various interventions you can try to support your loved one as well as the rest of the household.

Family in field

Firstly, the CRAFT intervention method provides a “whole household” approach.

It offers guidance around how to support your loved one in a way that emphasises their positive behaviours.

You also concentrate on improving the communication between family members to support your loved one, and ultimately encourage them to make the move towards rehab.

As well as this, you’ll have tips on how to look after yourself.

Group Therapy

Secondly, another intervention you can use is the more traditional one.

This way, several family members would be supported by a professional to approach their loved one.

As a group you’d discuss the addiction, explaining the reasons you’re worried, and the professional would guide you through addiction treatment options.

The Cost Of Rehab


The cost to stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in Isle of Man will fluctuate according to what medication and what treatment you need.

The length of time will be factor as well as whether you share a room.

On top of this, there are both luxury and more affordable inpatient facilities.

While some rehabs can cost as much as £14,000 for a month’s stay, others are only around £4,000.

Paying For Rehab Through The NHS

Cost of rehab

Some people are eligible to apply for funding to pay for a placement at a private drug and alcohol rehab in Isle of Man.

You’ll be from a low income household.

Obviously you’ll have an alcohol or drug addiction, but it will be at a severe level or will have been affecting you for a while.

You’ll also be at a place where you’re determined to become sober and remain abstinent.

Woman with laptop

This will be evidenced through your regular attendance at an NHS drug and alcohol service.

If you meet these criteria, you’re then welcome to apply to the local council for the funding.

Usually, people are supported by their caseworkers at the drug and alcohol service to do this.

The Duration Of Rehab In The Isle Of Man

How long rehab

You might have heard that some people go to rehab for a short stay of around seven to ten days.

This does happen in the case where a person needs to wean off a substance that has caused a physical dependency (i.e. alcohol, benzodiazepines, or heroin).

Although this is incredibly important and can actually be a “life or death” situation, a longer stay is seriously advised.

The reason for this is because of how addiction works in the brain.

How long does rehab last

You need to put in more time through psychological and emotional treatments in order to unravel the original motives around using substances.

On top of this, you need the time to develop healthy behaviours that will replace the addictive habitual ones.

The brain needs time and effort put in to changing its functioning.

As such, a 28 day is usually recommended.

Should You Choose Private Or NHS Treatment?

Doctor consultation

Whether you go to a private or NHS clinic will depend on your situation and what your needs are.

A private clinic is the best option if you’re at a point where you want or need to quit.

The goal of going to rehab at a private clinic is to get sober.

Staff are specialists who are trained in traditional and modern approaches to helping you stop using.

Doctor with clipboard

You can have a detox, deep individual psychological work, a holistic programme, and will have a programme tailored to you.

Everyone who goes to rehab are at a point where they’re in the “action” stage in terms of their “readiness to change”.

People who go to an NHS clinic can be anywhere in terms of their readiness to change.

There are various services on offer in order to respond to this, from needle exchanges to harm reduction workshops to group sessions.

How Inpatient Treatment Differs From Outpatient Treatment

Coffee and book

If you enter a private alcohol rehab in Isle of Man, you’ll be termed an inpatient.

This is because you’re staying in the clinic to receive treatments.

It’s a more in-depth and thorough approach to treatment as you’re there 24/7, the environment is completely substance-free, and you have an all-day approach to healing.

Adventure Therapy

Those who receive treatment whilst continuing to live at home are considered outpatients.

This approach is more informal in the sense that you aren’t there all the time, meaning you get less input.

Alcohol Detox And Rehab In The Isle Of Man

alcohol damages liver

Maybe you’re unsure if you have an alcohol addiction.

There are things that make this clear, from raising the concerns of your loved ones, to feeling as though you need alcohol to be able to get through the day.

In terms of alcohol withdrawal, there are symptoms that make addiction and dependency very clear:

  • Delirium tremens, or shaking
  • Low mood
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Impaired sleep
  • Hallucinations
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Seizures

During your stay at rehab you’ll receive a programme tailored to your needs.

Staff will want to know a bit about your history and health, how you think and process things, as well as your goals for the future.


To start with you’ll have a detox period where you’ll take a tapered prescription of Librium over the course of ten days.

This weans you off the alcohol.

Everyday you’ll follow a plan of activities and treatments.

These will support you to manage cravings successfully.

Rehab For Heroin In The Isle Of Man


If you use heroin, it’s likely you have a dependency and you know it.

This is because of how withdrawal affects you.

One of the reasons that addiction treatment is so essential for heroin addiction is because of how difficult coming off it is.

Withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Feelings of fear and overwhelm
  • Nausea, sickness, and diarrhoea
  • Confusion and hallucinations
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Severe pain in the body


Your stay will begin with a Subutex-based detox.

This is the medication used to wean you off heroin in a way that is smooth and comfortable.

The goal of the doctor is to keep you as relaxed as possible.

The tapered prescription lasts around seven to ten days after which you’ll be substance-free.

Support groups

After detox, you’ll then begin taking part in your programme of therapies and group sessions.

This helps you develop your self-awareness in who you are, what caused the addiction, and what your motives for change are.

Together with staff and other residents, you’ll start to learn and practise strategies to manage your health and cravings in positive ways.

Rehab For Cannabis In The Isle Of Man


Having a cannabis addiction can be difficult to quit for different reasons to the above mentioned substances.

Cannabis creates a psychological addiction.

This means a lot of the symptoms you experience can remain “hidden” to others and to yourself.

As well as this you might have the peer pressure of others using around you, as cannabis is very socially accepted.


Unfortunately, it can also be really detrimental to mental health and your future aspirations and outcomes.

Long-term use of THC strains of cannabis can lead to the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood swings (especially during cravings after waking up)
  • Forgetfulness through to impaired memory
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Psychosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Lung damage (increased risk of disease) if smoked

Men talking

At rehab, you’ll learn about cannabis in terms of those things that make it socially acceptable despite its negative effects.

You’ll start to differentiate why it is sometimes used in medicine and how that can be effective, as opposed to personal use in illegal terms as this has completely different implications on your health.

Each day you’ll take part in activities that support you to heal.

Staff will help you make sense of the things you’ve been masking behind cannabis use and start to introduce you to healthy coping mechanisms.

Rehab For Cocaine In Isle Of Man


If your cocaine use has increased to the point you’re using it daily or weekly, or in fact, that it’s destroying your family or finances, then a stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in Isle of Man will help.

Cocaine has become increasingly popular throughout Europe, not just the UK,  largely due to an increase in availability.

People are experimenting with friends and it seems to have spread like wildfire on social scenes.

Sadly, the level of education needed so people are aware of its negative effects just isn’t keeping up.


The long-term effects of cocaine include:

  • Increased colds and flu
  • Skin sores
  • Erosion of nose cartilage
  • Impaired immune system and increased risk of diseases
  • Anxiety and paranoia
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts and behaviours

Your treatment plan at rehab will include psychotherapies.

These equip you to understand how to manage emotions and how to redirect thoughts and alter thought patterns.

All of this is essential in managing addictive behaviours.

As well as this, group sessions will provide you a space of learning in relation to personal and social areas.

Women talking

With staff and peers, you’ll start to develop an idea of what life can be outside of rehab and without cocaine.

Together, you’ll form a plan that will be key in creating a healthy future life.

More About The Daily Treatments And Therapies At Rehab In The Isle Of Man


Your daily treatments at an alcohol and drug rehab in Isle of Man will include an amalgamation of the following:

  • Motivational Interviewing provides you the space to thoroughly explore what you do and don’t like about the substance you’re addicted to. You’ll also think about the person you are and who you want to be in the future and figure out what you need to do to get there.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a really important part of addiction treatment. It’s where you learn how to identify and interrupt automatic thoughts that lead to drug and alcohol use. Staff show you how to take control of your thought process so that you can redirect behaviour.


  • Brief Interventions are where you get education on substances, health, and how the two are affected by the other and what that could mean for you in terms of recovery and if you carried on using.
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is important for people who find it difficult to process emotions or who become overwhelmed by them. This therapy gives you the skills to manage your responses so they’re healthier.


  • Counselling offers a relaxed space to talk about anything that takes your fancy. You might want to talk about the benefits or difficulties of recovery. Some people use it as a space to think about the past and to let upset or anger out.
  • SMART Recovery and 12 Step Groups take place on most days. These help you come to terms with the facts of addiction and how to approach a life of sobriety through developing faith in yourself and in practical skills.
  • You’ll also enjoy the holistic therapies on offer, which can include mindfulness, yoga, reiki, equine therapy music therapy, art therapy, and ear acupuncture.

The Significance Of Dual Diagnosis On Your Treatment

Addiction brain

In the field of addiction, you might hear the term “dual diagnosis”.

You might have one or receive one once you get to rehab.

It means that you have both an addiction as well as a mental health condition.

This isn’t unusual – many people who enter rehab acknowledge that they started using alcohol and drugs because they thought it would improve their mental health.

Recovery Groups

This might be linked from anything from bipolar disorder to depression.

Some people feel that it was after using substances that they developed a mental health condition (i.e. psychosis).

The two conditions can each cause and exacerbate the other.

What this means at rehab is that your treatment programme will be adapted in order to also address aspects of your mental health.

Being supported in light of both conditions helps you to heal in relation to both.

How You’ll Be Supported Around Relapse Prevention At Rehab in Isle Of Man

Man with pen

When you’re at a drug and alcohol rehab in Isle of Man, there are sessions focused on how to manage recovery back at home.

You’ll discuss what it is that can encourage you to use.

It could be from particular people, to environments, events and routines.

Speaking honestly helps you to plan better to manage moments of craving in the future.

Group with notes

Recovery means change.

You’ll have to become aware that this means change in most areas.

You might have to cut ties with particular people and stop doing certain things you did in the past.

This can be difficult, so it’s really important to focus on what you’re gaining through the changes and how it all benefits you.

stop sign

You’ll develop a relapse prevention plan with staff that will include a list of strategies you can use to manage cravings.

There will also be guidance on how to achieve the goals you have to form a healthy life.

The plan will outline who you can contact for ongoing support as well as what to do if you do relapse to keep yourself safe.

Alternative Places Offering Addiction And Recovery Support

Support network

On the Isle of Man, there are other organisations you can contact to get support around addiction.

This includes:

  • NHS alcohol and drugs services: This is for people currently using alcohol and drugs. There is a weekly timetable of events you can drop into, including 12 Step groups. Some people will also be offered counselling sessions.
  • Home detox is offered to people deemed “low risk” in terms of being able to manage a detox at home which is overseen by a doctor. The doctor contacts you every day to ensure you’re safe and well.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous follows the 12 Steps. You admit your addiction and come to face those things you’ve done as a result of the addiction that you regret. The steps support you to connect with others and develop meaningful and healthy habits.
  • Narcotics Anonymous is like Alcoholic Anonymous but for those addicted to any type of drug. You can get weekly groups in-person and there are usually online groups available too.

Al-Anon and AdFam is available to any friends or family who have been affected by another person’s alcohol or drug use.

Getting Help Today

Person with phone

The Rehab 4 Alcoholism chat lines are open 24/7 to provide you with support on how to access treatment in the Isle of Man.

You can call us on 0800 111 4108, or you can request a call back to speak to a member of the team.

Please use our FAQ section for more information about addiction treatment in Worthing to start your recovery journey today.

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