Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the New Forest

The New Forest has seen an increase in drug-related deaths, according to statistics published by the Office for National Statistics.

These figures showed that during the years 2016 to 2018, around 18 people lost their lives due to the misuse of substances such as cocaine and opioids. [1]

There have also been reports of increased drink-driving in the area which poses threats not only to the individuals struggling with alcohol-related issues but to other residents. [2]

If you are facing addiction to substances such as illicit drugs and alcohol, we recommend you reach out to Rehab 4 Alcoholism.

By calling us today on 0800 111 4108 we can source drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest to help you overcome your dependencies. Don’t delay and let your addiction rule your life, reach out today.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is the most severe form of high-level alcohol consumption and occurs when an individual is unable to stop drinking despite understanding the negative effects it can incur.

Fortunately, alcohol addiction can be treated through a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. In the New Forest, there are many private drug and alcohol facilities that can help you get back on track.

Living with alcohol addiction isn’t easy, especially when drinking is a very normalised part of British culture. Dealing with this problem alone can be incredibly isolating.

By reaching out today, our team can help source immediate admission to a drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest.

What is Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the New Forest?

Rehab is the name given to a form of inpatient treatment given in a specialist facility. It is the shortened name for residential rehabilitation.

This is the most effective form of treatment and has helped many people achieve long-lasting sobriety.

By opting for residential rehab, you can benefit from a personalised treatment programme created to suit your needs. This means you will be able to take advantage of around-the-clock care to help you achieve your recovery milestones.

Rehab is a very effective tool and can help you to understand more about yourself and your addiction. Through detox and therapy programmes, you will leave rehab feeling confident in your newfound sobriety and ready to move forward with your life.

To discuss your options for drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest, please call our dedicated team on 0800 111 4108.

What is an Intervention?

At home support

An intervention is a facilitated conversation typically carried out by friends and family members who are worried about a loved one.

At Rehab 4 Alcoholism, we recommend working with a professional interventionist in the New Forest area. They can help to recommend effective approaches and the best way to engage in an intervention.

Interventions, when facilitated effectively, can prove beneficial for all involved. They are very useful in helping someone with an addiction to see how severe their issue is.

By working with a professional interventionist, you can present your loved one with a structured opportunity to accept help for their addiction before things worsen.

Your professional interventionist will also be able to recommend approaches like CRAFT. CRAFT is a family-centred approach and can help you ensure your family remains united during this difficult time through positive reinforcement.

How Much Does Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the New Forest cost?


The price of rehab depends on the facility you choose and the severity of your addiction. On average, most facilities charge around £495 per day to £1,000 per week for a 28-day stay.

This means that your programme is likely to cost between £4,000 to £14,000. This is, of course, an estimate so it is important you do your research or speak to one of our friendly helpline advisers for a more accurate programme cost estimation.

Some people in the New Forest area may be tempted by more luxury facilities. These programmes are popular with celebrity patients and often begin priced at around £70,000. They include additional perks such as private chefs and personal trainers.

To discuss your options for drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest, please call our dedicated team on 0800 111 4108.

Is Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the New Forest available on the NHS?

Technically, yes, rehab is available on the NHS. However, inpatient spaces are very rare and competitive.

This means you are required to apply to your local council in the New Forest for funding, but the outcome of your application could take a long while to be decided.

Other people may opt for the other form of NHS addiction treatment which is outpatient treatment.

This treatment offers less support for those with severe addictions and involves long waitlists of up to 12 months. This can be extremely damaging to someone who requires immediate care.

How Long Does Drug & Alcohol in the New Forest Last?

The minimum stay in rehab in the New Forest is around 7 days. This would typically be for a detox programme.

Some patients prefer to complete a detox programme in rehab before returning home.

However, most patients stay in rehab for 28 days or longer. A month-long stay is an effective way to overcome dependencies and work on developing healthy coping mechanisms for a life of sobriety.

A benefit to private drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest is that your clinic will work with you to develop an appropriate treatment timeframe. This could be anywhere from a month to 6 months or longer.

To discuss your options for drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest, please call our dedicated team on 0800 111 4108.

What’s the Difference between NHS Treatment & Private Treatment?


As mentioned above, NHS treatment is often very overwhelmed with patients needing urgent addiction treatment. Whilst treatment is free with NHS care, the long waitlists have seen more and more patients opt for private care.

Private care is far more immediate and by calling our team today, you can be admitted to a drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest within a few days.

During your time in rehab, you will be offered only the best facilities including a private bedroom.

Many people compare NHS treatment to private treatment with the obvious difference being the cost involved, one is free, and the other is not. Whilst private treatment may feel like a huge investment, think of the money you would spend on your addiction if you let it go untreated.

Private treatment is a far more immediate treatment method that produces long-lasting results and support for both your mental and physical health.

Should I Choose Inpatient or Outpatient Care in the New Forest?

Whilst you may have sourced a drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest, you now may be wondering which form of treatment to choose from, inpatient or outpatient.

Inpatient treatment is a structured approach to recovery and provides all patients with a routine. This can help many patients who have lost all sense of direction due to their addiction.

During inpatient treatment, you will be asked to move from your home and into a New Forest facility.

Inpatient treatment takes place under one roof meaning all triggers and distractions are removed. Your programme will be tailored to suit your needs and is offered in a calm, nurturing environment.

Outpatient treatment is also an effective approach to recovery but is much more flexible. It means that patients will continue to live at home and instead commute to treatment.

This form of treatment, whilst offering less structure, cannot shield you from temptations found in the home so it is important to do your research about outpatient treatment before committing to it.

To discuss your options for drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest, please call our dedicated team on 0800 111 4108.

Detoxing from Alcohol at a Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the New Forest

Detoxing from alcohol can be difficult without professional assistance. Fortunately, by choosing rehab through Rehab 4 Alcoholism, we can provide admission to a local treatment facility offering immediate detox assistance.

Detoxing will be the first step in your New Forest rehab programme. It will help you to break all dependencies before moving on to therapy.

During your detox, you will likely experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be unpleasant, but staff can intervene with medication to help you.

By prescribing the drug, Librium, staff can help you to manage anxiety and withdrawals effectively. At Rehab 4 Alcoholism, we do not advise patients to detox at home without medical supervision. This can be extremely risky and cause alcohol-related seizures.

Detoxes typically last around 7 to 10 days depending on your responsiveness to treatment. After your detox programme is complete, you will be advised to stay in rehab for an additional 3 weeks.

These 3 weeks will help you to break your psychological dependencies safely and effectively through tailored therapy sessions.

To begin your detox process and break your physical dependencies on alcohol, call our team today.

Rehab for Cocaine Addiction in the New Forest


You do not have to be taking cocaine every single day to be addicted to it.

A major sign of cocaine addiction is that you have tried to stop taking it but were unable to. If this is the case for you, drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest could be the answer.

Cocaine is a psychologically addictive stimulant that appears as a white powder. It can be taken intravenously but is usually snorted. It can lead to a wide variety of complications to a user’s physical and mental health.

If you live in the New Forest area and are struggling with cocaine addiction, reach out to our helpline advisers today.

Rehab for Heroin Addiction in the New Forest

Heroin belongs to the opiate classification of drugs and can kill in one dosage. In recent years, there have been many recorded cases of heroin overdose due to substance-containing drugs like fentanyl.

If you live in the New Forest and are struggling with heroin addiction, inpatient rehab will be in your best interest. Here, you can benefit from 24/7 care including detox support, therapy, medication and help with lifestyle changes.

Don’t let heroin addiction rule your life, take control today and call Rehab 4 Alcoholism on 0800 111 4108.

Rehab for Cannabis Addiction in the New Forest


Cannabis is widely abused in the UK with many people believing it is a harmless substance. The truth is that cannabis can cause addiction and a range of psychological side effects.

At rehab in the New Forest, a psychological healing programme will be prescribed to help you overcome your addiction to cannabis. Through workshops and therapy, you can begin to break down the roots of your addiction and learn how to identify your triggers.

Doing so can help you to effectively put into place learnt techniques and coping mechanisms for your return home. If you believe your cannabis consumption is getting out of hand, call our team today.

What Therapies are Offered at Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the New Forest?


Therapy is a helpful tool in rehab and can help to break down issues you are having so that you can understand more about yourself and your addiction.

At drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest, the following therapies are offered:

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

Person looking sad

A dual diagnosis refers to an individual who has both a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health condition. In rehab, this can be treated effectively to promote long-lasting sobriety.

Treating one condition without the other, as often provided by NHS treatment, is unable to provide individuals with the skills needed to stay sober. At Rehab 4 Alcoholism, we work with treatment providers in the New Forest who provide expert dual-diagnosis care to all.

Although a dual diagnosis can be tricky to spot due to both conditions sharing similar symptoms, it can be effectively treated.

To discuss your options for drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest, please call our dedicated team on 0800 111 4108.

Relapse Prevention & Aftercare at Rehab


Relapse prevention and aftercare are additional benefits to private treatment and can help you feel prepared to take on the world with your newfound sobriety.

Relapse prevention is offered before the completion of your programme and consists of workshops and sessions to help you identify triggers. Knowing your triggers can help you to avoid certain situations when you return home.

You will also be encouraged to create a written relapse prevention document that will be shared with your support network. This will allow them to offer additional support during times of stress.

Aftercare is a continued form of rehabilitation treatment that extends into the home for around 12 months once your programme in the New Forest is complete. It means that you will be able to continue with therapy on an outpatient basis and meet staff for regular progress meetings.

Having a support network around you during your first few months of sobriety is very important and can help reduce any urges to partake in addictive behaviour. Your rehab team will also be able to recommend local groups in the New Forest area such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

SMART Recovery is also another popular group that hosts free sessions in-person and online.

If you are ready to enter recovery and take steps towards sobriety, call Rehab 4 Alcoholism today on 0800 111 4108 for admission to a drug and alcohol rehab in the New Forest.


[1] New Forest drugs deaths rise as funding falls for support services


[2] Man from Burley banned from roads after drink driving https://www.salisburyjournal.co.uk/news/20179255.man-burley-banned-roads-drink-driving/

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