Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Rhyl

Rhyl is very much gripped by the effects of alcohol and drugs.

There was a rise in 13-17-year-olds drinking in Denbighshire in 2021.[1] Rhyl was reported as being one of Wales’s most dangerous towns.[2] In Rhyl West, there were 8 counts of drug crimes in February 2022 alone.[3]

If you’re struggling with an addiction, you aren’t alone. Finding out about your local alcohol rehab in Rhyl is the first step towards a positive new change for you, or perhaps someone you love.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

woman drinking from bottle at party

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance meaning that it has a direct impact on the brain. It makes a person feel relaxed, happy, and sometimes euphoric.

This is why people often return to it – because of the release of chemicals in the brain. It’s this person who tends to remember more than the vomit, blackouts, violence, and hangovers that also come with it.

When you develop an alcohol addiction it’s because you have returned to the substance so much that the body and brain have started to need it to remain balanced. This is because your body adapts to it and then comes to rely on it.

Alcohol changes how you and various parts of your bodywork, which is why it isn’t easy to quit at a physical level. This is before even thinking about the psychological aspect of addiction.

To heal from alcohol addiction in the form of the disease, you need to go to rehab to access professional support. Treatment is essential for the brain, body, and emotional health too.

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What Happens When You’re at Rehab?

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A stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in Rhyl will force you to think, feel, and be in different ways from what you’ve been used to for a while.

Remember the time before you used drugs and alcohol, there were other things to think about and focus on. A residential stay at rehab takes you to a space where life is other; it’s more than the substance again.

You’ll be assessed by a member of staff when you enter so they’ll know what treatments are essential for you. Some people will go through a physical detox where medications will support them to wean off heroin, alcohol, or benzodiazepines.

Everyone takes part in individual sessions to be treated for psychological addiction. Each day there are also group therapy sessions where you learn from others in similar situations.

About the environment, feels homelike but is relaxing and comfortable. You’ll have a bed in a single or shared room and will have a routine to follow which will support your healing, including regular (delicious) meal times.

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At-Home Interventions For Your Loved One


There are two main types of interventions that you might use at home if someone in the family has an addiction.

Granted, it can be extremely difficult in this situation and there is rarely a right or wrong way of doing things. However, there are things you can do that are healthy and can help improve the household’s dynamics.

The traditional intervention is what people tend to use when they’re at their wits’ end and don’t know what to do and desperately feel their loved one needs rehabilitation support quickly.

A doctor or drug and alcohol worker will support you in approaching your family member. You’ll discuss the addiction, your concerns, and then treatment options.

Another approach is the CRAFT intervention which gives everyone in the family guidance on how to support themselves as well as the family member with the addiction.

This intervention has a menu of communication ideas and what to do wherever your loved one is in terms of recovery and addictive habits.

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How Much it Will Cost You to go to Rehab in Rhyl

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The cost of rehab will vary according to how long you stay, what treatments you have, and the type of accommodation you stay in.

A drug and alcohol rehab in Rhyl can be anywhere from around £495 a day (or around £14,000 a month) for a very high-end establishment to £1000 a week.

There are different options and if you’d like to know more about these, you can call the Rehab 4 Alcoholism team to find out what’s available and how people go about finding a stay.

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Is There NHS Funding to go to Rehab in Rhyl?

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Some people will be able to apply to the local council for funding to pay for a placement at a drug and alcohol rehab in Rhyl. This tends to be an option for people from low-income families or where there are serious financial strains (i.e. debt).

There is a lot of competition for this funding. You’ll need to prove that you’re serious about quitting your alcohol or drug addiction.

The people who decide who is awarded the funding will want to see evidence that you’re trying to stop using substances.

It’s expected that you’ll be in contact with local drug and alcohol services. From that, you would need to demonstrate that you’re taking part in sessions and trying to make healthy changes throughout your life.

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The Recommended Length of Stay at a Private Clinic

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While people stay as a resident at rehab for various lengths of time according to what’s appropriate, the general recommended length of a stay is around 28 days. This provides time to participate effectively in treatments and to come to grips with how to manage behaviours long-term.

Some people might stay at rehab for around 6 weeks. A longer stay can be useful where there is a dual diagnosis or where people require more specialist input.

Other residents might stay for a 10-day detox to safely withdraw from a substance which has caused a physical dependency, but even in these cases, a longer stay is usually advised. That way a person can also work on their psychological health.

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Private Rehab or Council-Funded Rehab?

Support group CIRCLE

When you get to thinking about rehabilitation services to treat addiction, you’ll want to know a bit about the difference between private and council-funded rehab centres.

Private clinics

These are funded by the residents who enter and stay for a length of time. You’ll receive specialist support from experts in the field of addiction. There are staff available 24/7 to help you through withdrawal and any difficult moments.

On entering, you’ll be given an individualised programme of therapies and holistic sessions to follow.

These will ensure you become sober and have the skills to remain so. You’ll meet people who are in a similar situation as you and like you need or want to become abstinent.

Council-Funded Clinics

These are available in most local towns throughout the UK including Rhyl. Drug and alcohol workers offer limited one-to-one sessions and there are also weekly group sessions you can attend.

As well as this, there are usually needle exchanges for heroin and anabolic steroid users, drop-in clinics, and sometimes there are creative workshops put on.

While some people might hope to quit through accessing services, some will go for support around harm reduction.

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What You Need to Know About Inpatient and Outpatient Services


If you go to local drug and alcohol services that are council-funded, you’ll be considered an outpatient. This is because you’ll only go to the clinic to receive specific treatments while living at home.

If you were to enter a drug and alcohol rehab in Rhyl and stay for some time, then you’d be considered an inpatient. All it means is that you’re staying “in” the establishment to receive support. It’s a more immersive experience.

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Alcohol Detox and Rehab in Rhyl

teen drink 2

There are many signs to be aware of if you drink alcohol that reveal you’ve developed problematic or addictive use.

These are as follows:

  • Becoming secretive and hiding how much you drink.
  • Thinking about alcohol a lot of the time.
  • Finding it difficult to go without a drink.
  • Trying to stop drinking but not being able to.
  • Experiencing mood swings linked to when you do and don’t drink.
  • Becoming aggressive under the influence.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Shaking and sweating.
  • Confusion.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Nausea, sickness, and diarrhoea.
  • Seizures.

At an alcohol rehab in Rhyl, you’ll enter a detox stage where you’ll be under the care of a doctor. They’ll prescribe you Librium.

This keeps uncomfortable symptoms to a minimum. After around 7-10 days you’ll be safely free from alcohol and also of the Librium as it’s a tapered prescription.

When you reach this moment, it’s then time to approach the emotional and psychological parts of healing and recovery.

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Rehab for Cocaine in Rhyl

Teens girl in underpaths

You might be surprised at how cocaine has slipped into your life. What started as an occasional event has suddenly taken over your life.

People spend thousands of pounds on cocaine and it destroys family homes in how it changes your behaviour, relationships, and the practical basis of things, such as finances.

As well as this, there are physical side effects. Cocaine seriously impairs the immune system and illnesses and diseases are more likely. Even if you’re not experiencing anything now, the toxins build up and in the long term are likely to unravel.

You’ll receive specialist support at rehab, which will radicalise how you think about the substance.

You’ll learn how to catch your thoughts and change them. You’ll practise relaxing exercises to keep you at the moment and focused. Positive behavioural changes are kick-started.

Learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Rhyl and contact us today at 0800 111 4108.

Rehab for Heroin in Rhyl

syringe, pills and white powder substance

There is a place at a drug and alcohol rehab in Rhyl for you if you have developed a heroin addiction. A stay at rehab is essential to support you to wean off the substance.

Heroin is well-known as being the cause of serious withdrawal effects, such as:

  • Sweating and shaking.
  • Mood swings and confusion.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Sickness and diarrhoea.
  • Bone and muscle pain.

There will be a detox period where a doctor will prescribe you a medication (i.e. Subutex) to manage the withdrawal symptoms and wean you off heroin.

This will last around 7-10 days. When you’ve got through the detox, you’ll begin focusing on the grounding techniques and coping strategies you need to manage recovery going forward.

Learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Rhyl and contact us today at 0800 111 4108.

Rehab for Cannabis in Rhyl

Cannabis plantMany people use cannabis in a social context when they first start. A friend or family member might have introduced you to it. Lots of people have entire social circles built around cannabis use.

This can make it tricky to see a way out. Breaking addictive patterns means breaking away from people who maintain that lifestyle.

At rehab, you’ll become more in tune with how cannabis is affecting your mind and body.

It affects your metabolism, appetite, weight, and how you sleep, and there are, of course, the psychoactive effects; anxiety, mood swings, paranoia, and even psychosis.

The focus will be on using cognitive techniques that will support you to rewire your thought patterns. Doing so will make it easier to stop returning to cannabis when you think about or crave it.

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The Psychological Therapies and Alternative Support at the Rehab

Individual therapy

When you enter an alcohol and drug rehab, you’ll probably be surprised by the number of therapies, activities, and treatments you’ll get involved with.

It might seem a little overwhelming afterlife has been so focused on your drug of choice, however, your daily timetable will keep you focused on healing and open and learning.

  • Many of the staff at rehab are trained to offer you counselling. As well as scheduled sessions, you’ll also receive therapeutic guidance throughout the day in general conversations to gently nurture and guide you.
  • Motivational interviewing will be on your timetable near the start of your admittance to rehab as this is where you’ll find your genuine desire to change. Even more so if you share what it is you feel are the benefits of substance use.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy is key in treating people with addictions by using the psychology of addiction to create change in behaviours.
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy will be offered if staff believe you would benefit from support in understanding and controlling your emotional reactions.
  • Art and music therapy are offered to people so that they can explore new avenues of understanding life and addiction through creative expression and connection.
  • 12 Step and SMART sessions make up a solid part of your timetable. There is much self-learning to be had when you share with others and challenge each other through the respectful peer perspective.
  • Holistic therapies such as mindfulness, meditation, reiki, yoga, equine therapy, and ear acupuncture are enjoyed by the majority of residents. Here, you’ll relax and experience your mind and body through tranquil healthy activities.

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What Does a “Dual Diagnosis” Mean For You?


A dual diagnosis is when two conditions exist at the same time. In the field of addiction, this is very common because of how connected the disease is to mental health conditions.

People with anxiety, depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia are shown to be at an increased risk of using substances.

People use drugs and alcohol to try and make themselves feel better or to manage uncomfortable symptoms. Of course, this can lead to addiction.

There is also the fact that psychoactive substances can create mental health conditions.

At rehab, staff will identify if you have a dual diagnosis if you’re not already sure. This information will guide their work and they’ll create a treatment plan that will suit your specific needs.

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How Are You Supported Around Relapse at Rehab?

woman walking through golden hour sun

During your time at a drug and alcohol rehab in Rhyl, you’ll become sober.

You’ll have learned lots of new strategies which you’ll use to manage cravings and behaviour. Together with a member of staff, you’ll identify what you find most effective.

These strategies as well as other ideas you may have around creating healthy lifestyle changes will become the structure of your aftercare and relapse prevention plan. It will also include different people you can contact and groups you can go to so that you remain focused on recovery.

As well as techniques to manage triggers, you’ll also have guidance on what to do in the event of relapse. It’s beneficial to follow the steps should this happen as it will return you to sobriety as quickly and safely as possible.

Learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Rhyl and contact us today at 0800 111 4108.

Other Places That Will Support You Around Addiction and Recovery in Rhyl

Group Therapy session

When you leave rehab in Rhyl, you might want to access other support services. There are various places you can for both addiction treatment and/or support.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous offers people throughout the world a fellowship. There, you follow the 12 Steps and find a community which supports you wherever you are in the cycle of change.
  • Narcotics Anonymous is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous but for people with drug addictions, rather than to alcohol. The great thing about NA and AA is that they offer a consistent non-judgmental environment to go to for as long as you need it.
  • Local drug and alcohol services in Rhyl are available to you. They’re more geared towards people in active addiction and offer some individual sessions as well as regular weekly groups.
  • A home detox is an option if you’re considered able to manage a prescription safely at home and look after yourself effectively without 24-hour monitoring. These are useful if you have relapsed from alcohol or heroin but don’t require another admittance to rehab.
  • Addiction affects the people around you too. If people around you are struggling, they can contact both Al-Anon and AdFam for support.

Learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Rhyl and contact us today at 0800 111 4108.


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