Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Richmond

You should consider attending drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond if you believe you are dependent on these substances, or you believe you may be addicted to them.

In case you aren’t aware, being dependent on drugs or alcohol means you are reliant on them in a physical sense, so your body would struggle if you gave up these substances cold turkey.

On the other hand, addiction means you are psychologically dependent on drugs and alcohol, so not only does your body crave them, but your brain does too.

Addiction is more severe than substance dependence, so we would recommend rehab to people with addiction first and foremost.

However, dependence is often the start of addiction, so do not dismiss rehab as an option if you are physically reliant on substances.

Who Is Not a Suitable Candidate For Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Richmond?

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Though we recommend inpatient treatment to most of our clients, some people should consider seeking other options as the intensity of rehab would not be beneficial for them.

For example, if you have attempted to get sober at rehab multiple times and you always end up relapsing, it suggests the treatment style at rehab is not working for you and you should consider another option.

Though relapse rates are very high among drug and alcohol users, rehab should reduce the chances of relapse more than any other option in most cases.

If you have a history of becoming violent after consuming drugs or alcohol, it is recommended that you do not attend drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond.

This is because you will be staying with other patients for around a month, and being in such close contact with people at a sensitive time could put them at risk of being a victim of violence.

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What is Inpatient Treatment in Richmond & What Does it Entail?

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When we talk about inpatient treatment in Richmond, we are referring to rehab facilities that allow patients to stay for up to 28 days (and sometimes longer).

With outpatient treatment, you get access to detox and therapy services throughout the day, but you always return home at the end of the day.

However, if you attend rehab, you will have your room (or sometimes a shared room) and you will stay over at the facility for a long period.

For most clients, this is 28 days, but clients requiring just a detox will stay for 10 days and clients who need more support may stay for longer.

When you first arrive at rehab, you will have a detox (if this is something that you require). Staff will keep an eye on you to ensure any withdrawal symptoms are closely monitored, as you may experience hallucinations or seizures.

They will also prescribe you medication to reduce your anxiety surrounding the detox and to prevent you from experiencing seizures.

The next step is to start having daily therapy sessions. You will experience a range of different types of therapy, both in terms of the model of therapy and the way it is delivered.

Regarding therapy models, you are likely to try out common types such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), counselling, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).

You may also get to try out more modern forms of therapy such as Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and music therapy.

In terms of the style of delivery, you may be aware that rehab is known for its group therapy sessions. You will participate in many of these sessions as it helps you feel bonded with the other patients and patients and to feel more motivated in your recovery.

However, you will also have frequent individual therapy sessions, and you may be able to have family therapy or couple’s therapy depending on the facility you are at.

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What Happens After Inpatient Treatment?

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Fortunately, when your time at drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond comes to an end, you will not be left alone.

You will benefit from an aftercare plan you can help create with staff in your final days at rehab.

The aftercare plan looks different for everyone as it is tailored to your needs, but it may include access to further therapy at the rehab facility and helplines to call when you are struggling with temptation.

Are There Any Alternatives to Inpatient Treatment in Richmond?

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Yes, there are alternatives to inpatient treatment in Richmond, so if you are not ready to commit to a 28-day stay, we recommend one of the following: outpatient treatment, home detoxing, and self-help meetings.

Outpatient treatment is usually the best of these options as it allows you to access detoxing and therapy in a safe environment. However, you should have a supportive friend or family member waiting for you at home to reduce your risk of relapsing.

Home detoxing involves withdrawing from drugs and alcohol at home with the help of a treatment provider who will get in touch with you frequently to ask about your progress.

Again, it is advised to have someone supportive with you at home otherwise you will likely fall into temptation.

Finally, self-help meetings involve you attending a meeting full of other people who are struggling with addiction. You listen to their stories and you have the opportunity to share your story too.

This is not advised as the sole option for people with a severe addiction, as it should be accompanied by more intense treatment.

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What is the Quickest Form Of Treatment?

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The quickest form of treatment is either home detoxing or self-help sessions, but this depends on the number of self-help sessions you attended. Some people attend them as a one-off, and others go every week without fail for years.

Home detoxes usually last 10 days, which is a very short amount of time considering you could be free from your addiction forever after taking this step.

It will require you to have ten days that you are available, without worrying about commitments to do with work and family.

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What is the Least Expensive Form Of Treatment?

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The least expensive form of treatment is self-help meetings, as they are completely free. You can find these meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) website or the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) website.

The next cheapest form of treatment is home detoxing, which tends to cost around £1500 in Richmond.

Outpatient treatment is the second most expensive due to the resources you have access to, and then drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond tops the list as the most expensive at around £10,000 for a 28-day stay in a private room and £4500 for a 10-day detox.

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What is the Most Cost-Effective Form Of Treatment?

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Though you may be tempted to choose the least expensive option, we believe it is better to focus on the most cost-effective option, which is undoubtedly drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond.

This is because inpatient treatment is proven to be the most successful way to get sober and stay sober, so you are getting your money’s worth as your chances of relapsing are significantly reduced.

You also have access to aftercare for the entire 12 months following your stay, which again helps you to resist temptation (1).

With outpatient treatment or home detoxing, you are surrounded by temptation daily and you do not have staff you can rely on for emotional support.

This means you are very likely to fall back into old habits, particularly if you do not have any family, your family avoid the issue, or your family enable your addiction.

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Is it Possible to Recover On Your Own?

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Some people try to recover on their own by withdrawing from drugs and alcohol completely and dealing with the consequences.

This is strongly discouraged by addiction specialists as it is incredibly dangerous. You may experience life-threatening withdrawal symptoms such as delirium tremens (DTs), and without a medical team there to keep an eye on you, your health could deteriorate very quickly (2).

Another reason to avoid recovering at home is that you will not have access to psychological intervention, which is essential for certain addictions.

Even if you manage to stop consuming substances, you will still have trauma left over from the addiction and from any other mental illnesses you have, and you must get help for that if you don’t want to relapse.

Overall, the short answer is that some people can recover on their own, but it is very rare, and it is even rarer that they will manage to stay sober.

This is not to shame people who are motivated enough to want to heal on their own but to remind you that there is no better help than professional help.

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Will I Be Shamed For My Addiction at Rehab?

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You should never be shamed for your addiction at rehab. The staff who work at rehab facilities in Richmond, including psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists, are aware that addiction is a disease of the brain and not a moral failure.

This means your therapy sessions will reflect the disease model of addiction. Though you will be encouraged to use your free will to stop consuming drugs and alcohol, you will be made aware that addiction often arises as a result of trauma that was outside of your control.

As addiction arises from illnesses and is not a moral failure, it is all the more important for you to have a strong support network in place to help you resist temptation.

This is because there is no quick fix, and the temptation does not go away, so you need to adopt coping mechanisms to manage it.

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Contact Rehab 4 Alcoholism For More Information

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If you believe you may be struggling with substance dependence or an addiction, do not hesitate to contact us at 0800 111 4108.

We would be delighted to help you secure a place at a rehab facility in Richmond, as we know just how beneficial this can be to people whose lives have been plagued by addiction.

If you are concerned about a family member and would like advice on how to handle the situation, our advisers are experienced in this area, and they would be more than happy to offer their services.

You will not be able to request a referral for your loved one without their consent, but we could help you with staging an intervention if necessary.

If you believe you are just at the beginning of a substance dependence and nothing needs to be done about it yet, we strongly encourage you to read about the cycle of addiction and the speed at which a mild dependence can spiral into a full-blown addiction.

It is never too early to seek professional help, as the sooner you get to work unpacking your tendency towards drugs and alcohol, the easier it will be to stay sober in the future.

We know that temptation is high, particularly as drug and alcohol consumption is so normalised in certain environments, but we are here to tell you that you do have the strength to recover.

Having said that, you can only recover when you feel you are ready to, so we don’t want to push you into a drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond unless you are experiencing a desire to leave drugs and alcohol in your past.

If you are not yet ready but you would like to discuss your options, please still get in touch and we will help you with this.

Learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond and contact us today at 0800 111 4108.


[1] Drug misuse and dependence – 2.26 Discharge from treatment and support to prevent relapse https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/673978/clinical_guidelines_2017.pdf

[2] Quitting alcohol can be deadly: Hundreds in the US die each year https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2018/11/27/alcohol-withdrawal-syndrome-detox-delirium-tremens-hallucinations-substance-abuse-disorder/2082020002/


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