Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Stratford Upon Avon

Most people understand that drug & alcohol addiction is a real problem in the UK, but very few realise the full extent of the problem.

The statistics make for grim reading. According to ONS figures, 2020 saw a 19.6% annual increase in alcohol-specific deaths, with 7,423 recorded in that calendar year.

In the same year, around 3,000 people died in the UK as a result of drug misuse, with a further estimated 4,500 dying specifically due to drug poisoning.

There are hundreds of thousands of people affected by drug and alcohol addiction in the UK and millions more are harmed indirectly.

The best treatment available for any drug or alcohol addiction is found at a residential rehab clinic, where they can take care of everything from detox to aftercare.

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What is Alcohol Addiction?


Alcoholism is a medical condition whereby the person cannot go for even a moderate length of time without drinking alcohol or otherwise enabling themselves to drink alcohol.

If for whatever reason the person is unable to access alcohol, they are liable to experience very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms which can manifest both mentally and physically.

This might be severe cramps, headaches, nausea, sweating, or tremors. In extreme cases, unmanaged alcohol withdrawal can cause seizures and even death.

These symptoms can be managed by going through a medical detox with medication, which would be the first service offered at any drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon.

This is one of the many reasons why inpatient rehab is considered the most effective treatment to help someone out of active alcoholism and into recovery.

What is Rehab?


Drug & alcohol rehab clinics are dedicated treatment facilities where people can get a variety of help for any drug or alcohol addiction issues.

This includes detox facilities, talking therapies, group sessions, relapse prevention planning, and aftercare, all within the same building.

Accessing all these different treatment resources and putting them together in a cohesive plan that works for you is something that is effectively only achievable at rehab.

This is one of the reasons that inpatient rehab is constantly demonstrated to be an extremely effective method of treating drug & alcohol addiction.

Pre-Rehab Steps: Intervention

Group discussion around a table

Rehab can work wonders for people in addiction, but that help can only begin if the person is willing to accept that help. For this to happen, they first need to admit that they have a problem.

Unfortunately, it can take some people a long time to accept that, often years or even decades. Meanwhile, the person will likely continue doing damage to themselves and others around them.

This is why it is vital to tackle the problem of substance addiction as early as possible. One of the ways of achieving this is through a drug & alcohol intervention meeting.

Ideally, this is best carried out with the help of an intervention counsellor who is specifically trained to hold effective interventions and will have knowledge and experience of addiction and recovery.

We can help you to arrange an effective intervention, as well as potentially explore alternative intervention methods such as CRAFT intervention. Call us for free advice on 0800 111 4108.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Stratford Upon Avon?

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There is a wide variation in terms of overall treatment costs for private rehabs in the UK. This is no different from the marketplace for any other private service.

The national average rehab treatment cost is roughly £495 per day, but it’s worth bearing in mind that a great many rehab clinics are much more affordable than this.

We are here to help you find a drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon that you can afford and that can take care of your needs in terms of care and accommodation.

Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab Available on the NHS?

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Public rehab clinics offer the same services as private rehab clinics, with the key difference being that they do not charge the service user for their treatment.

Instead, the treatment is funded by a council authority or charitable organisation. This is why these rehab clinics are usually accessed through a local council authority which will have a panel in charge of allocating places.

It will not surprise you to know that there are many people in the Stratford Upon Avon area who would like to pursue free rehab treatment, but relatively few spots are available.

Although we only refer to private rehab clinics, we will happily provide free advice around how to apply for public rehab if this is something that you are interested in.

How Long Does Rehab Last?

12 step

A full programme of rehab treatment usually runs for a total of 28 days. This includes the detox portion of treatment, wherever that is necessary.

Detox generally takes between 7 and 10 days. In cases where detox is not necessary, this time will be filled with the monitoring of your natural withdrawal and/or additional therapy sessions.

There is also the option of having a detox by itself, without the rest of your treatment and talking therapies. As this would only take a week or so, this option is much more affordable.

Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment in Stratford Upon Avon

Recovery Groups

It may be possible for you to get rehab treatment as an outpatient, in other words staying at home overnight and attending your rehab clinic during the daytime.

This is something that many people are keen on exploring, as it involves minimal disruption to your usual day-to-day and leaves you able to handle other responsibilities such as childcare.

However, outpatient rehab is not for everyone. Only a minority of rehab applications would be a good fit for it, due to the strict eligibility criteria.

Outpatient rehab is only suitable for patients who:

  • Live within a short distance of the clinic
  • Are not seeking treatment for opiates or benzodiazepines
  • If they are an alcoholic, consume fewer than 30 units per day (average)
  • Have minimal distractions and potential triggers at home

If you do not fit all of the categories above, outpatient drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon is probably not right for you.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of outpatient care in more detail, we can discuss this during your telephone consultation.

Alcohol Detox & Rehab in Stratford Upon Avon

alcohol addiction

The UK has a widespread binge drinking culture, which can often make it harder for a person to notice when their drinking has become a problem.

The signs of alcoholism become apparent in a person’s behaviour and the negative impact that alcohol has had upon their life.

For example, if your work life or relationships have suffered because of drinking, or you find that you are drinking daily, it is time to seriously consider whether you have a problem.

If you do want to get help with your drinking, the best place to do this is at a residential rehab clinic that has all the necessary resources on site including detox facilities.

At Rehab 4 Alcoholism, we can help you find an appropriate rehab clinic that can deliver the best possible quality of care and treatment. Call us on 0800 111 4108 to get started.

Home Alcohol Detox in Stratford Upon Avon

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As you may already know, the first port of call for any heavy drinker undergoing alcoholism treatment is an alcohol detox.

This is a procedure that involves the body cleansing itself of any remains toxins over several days. This normally involves the administration of a medication called Librium.

Librium is a sedative medication that helps to manage physical and psychological alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It is the ‘go-to’ medication for alcohol withdrawal.

Librium can also be used in a home detox, which is where a person goes through the detox process at home, with appropriate guidance and medication sent to them by post.

Although this is only suitable for less extreme drinkers (under 25 units per day), it can be an effective way of detoxing while keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

If home alcohol detox is something that appeals to you, we can discuss the possibility of arranging this at your home in Stratford Upon Avon. Call us on 0800 111 4108 to begin your free consultation.

Rehab for Cocaine in Stratford Upon Avon


Cocaine is known as a party drug, offering short-lived highs that can make the user feel extremely sociable, confident, and generally energetic.

On the other hand, a person who is under the effects of cocaine can quickly become obnoxious, aggressive, and confrontational. This is not fun for anyone to be around.

People who use cocaine regularly risk alienating their friends and family through this kind of behaviour, as well as putting themselves at real risk of overdose and other health complications.

The best course of action for anyone who has developed a coke problem is to seek proper treatment, which can be accessed at a drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon.

People who are withdrawing from cocaine do not require a medical detox, but it is still best to be under professional supervision as your body adapts to life without cocaine.

From there on out, you can work through a tailored therapy programme to give yourself the best possible chance of putting cocaine abuse behind you for good.

Rehab for Heroin in Stratford Upon Avon

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Heroin is infamously difficult to get clean from, due to the intense physical and psychological cravings involved, as well as the nightmarish withdrawal symptoms.

It is not safe to simply stop taking heroin and wait for the withdrawal symptoms to subside. For it to be safe, heroin withdrawal required a proper medical detox.

This is the first thing you will do at drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon. Your detox will usually involve the use of a medication such as Subutex to help manage the withdrawals.

Once you are safely through detox, you can move on to a medium-term medication programme such as Methadone to help your body gradually adjust.

Rehab will not be easy, but it could be the most important thing you ever do. After a few weeks of working through therapy and treatments, you can start your fulfilling new life without heroin.

Rehab for Cannabis in Stratford Upon Avon


Cannabis addiction is particularly insidious, as it is a drug that can take over a person’s life gradually without the person noticing it happening.

If you have smoked cannabis for many years, the brain fog associated with everyday use can make it hard to keep track of your cannabis consumption and how much it may have increased over time.

If you smoke cannabis daily, have spent money that you couldn’t afford on cannabis, or find the prospect of going without cannabis distressing, you likely have an addiction.

Cannabis addiction is a condition that can be treated effectively at rehab, just like any other substance abuse problem.

Call us on 0800 111 4108 to discuss getting a referral for cannabis addiction treatment at a private drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon.

Types of Therapies on Offer in Stratford Upon Avon Rehabs


Addiction is a multi-faceted condition, and everyone has a different set of experiences that may have contributed towards their developing problems with drugs and/or alcohol.

This is why therapy schedules at rehab must be diverse and varied, providing a range of solutions for various problems. This will likely include a combination of:

1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy is used to treat depression, anxiety, rumination, and a wide range of other behavioural issues such as compulsive gambling.

It is effective within addiction tinnt, particularly in terms of helping people out of unhealthy thought patterns and negative self-talk.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is usually administered in six stages: Initial assessment, development of new concepts, acquisition of new skills, applying new skills to stressful situations, maintenance, and follow-up treatment.

CBT can be very helpful in terms of managing stress in a healthy way, which is an essential skill to develop, particularly for those in recovery.

2. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

Dialectal behavioural therapy is commonly used to treat personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder (BPD), which are common in those with substance abuse problems.

People who have these conditions are likely to suffer from distressing psychological symptoms such as suicidal thoughts, as well as being more likely to engage in self-harm and other risky behaviours.

DBT is focused on finding solutions to manage those symptoms, as well as improving communication with others and being more aware of one’s behaviour.

Dialectal behavioural therapy has been employed increasingly often within rehab settings in recent years, and it should be available at your drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon.

3. Holistic Therapies

Traditional therapies such as counselling and CBT are very effective, but several other types of therapy could help you during your time at rehab.

Some people can be dismissive about holistic therapies, but they can provide a lot of value for a person going through drug & alcohol recovery.

Holistic therapies at drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon may include music therapy, art therapy, yoga, meditation, and other forms of light exercise and mindful activities.

With a diverse and engaging programme of holistic therapies and activities, you will likely find something that you enjoy and get benefit from.

4. Group Therapy


Group therapy at rehab offers a chance to heal with others around you and benefit the group’s collective life experiences and wisdom.

Although some people find it challenging to adjust to a group therapy format, most people will ultimately find it to be a valuable part of their rehab experience.

This experience of community healing can be such a welcome change to the sense of isolation so often felt while a person is still in active addiction.

Group therapy sessions at drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon will most often be supervised by a professional from the mental health team on site.

5. Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are a key part of any treatment programme at drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon.

Whatever you don’t feel comfortable discussing in group therapy, you will have the opportunity to discuss with a professional mental health worker on a one-to-one basis.

Being in an inpatient rehab therapy programme means that you will have many hours of individual therapy, which might take months to get through outside of a rehab setting.

This means that you can make real progress over a relatively short space of time and develop a healthy professional relationship with your case workers.

6. Family Therapy

No person is an island, and everything they do can also affect those closest to them. This is particularly true of drug and alcohol addiction, which can have massively detrimental effects on the person’s family.

Getting together with family and talking these problems out is, at least in theory, a positive step. However, situations like this can be volatile and are often fraught with emotion.

This is why it is better to have the help of a qualified and specialised family therapist, who can ensure that any conversations had are as healthy and constructive as possible.

With professional guidance, these family therapy sessions can go a long way towards repairing fractured relationships within your family unit.

7. Co-Dependency Treatment

One of the problems that are very common in people with active addiction is that they tend to form social and/or romantic relationships which are toxic, unhealthy, or destructive.

This can often happen out of co-dependency, whether or not either party is consciously aware of it. Ultimately, this is not healthy or helpful for either person in that relationship.

An important part of your rehab journey is honestly assessing your relationships and figuring out which ones may be problematic and need to be addressed.

This is much easier to achieve with the help of an on-site co-dependency therapist who can provide an objective perspective and help you to heal.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis for Co-Occurring Disorders at Rehab


Mental health is a complex issue, and despite the progress that has been made on this front, there is still a great deal of stigma and a lack of clarity around these issues.

Perhaps this is why most people who have a mental health condition are never properly diagnosed and treated. Sadly, this usually means that the condition is much more challenging to cope with.

Mental health conditions like anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder are highly common in persons with a drug or alcohol addiction, as compared to the general population.

This is where dual diagnosis, which is the process of identifying mental health issues that are co-occurring with addiction, can prove to be so useful.

Getting a proper mental health diagnosis at drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon can make both your addiction and your mental health much more manageable.

How Rehabs Help with Relapse Prevention

A doctor typing on a keyboard with a stethoscope to her side

Your treatment at drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon is not just focused on the here and now – there will be a great deal of attention dedicated to managing your sobriety once you leave.

This will likely come in the form of a relapse prevention plan, which the mental health staff at rehab will be able to help you to put together.

Your relapse prevention plan will likely encourage you to evaluate:

  • The people with whom you spend time and socialise with
  • The places you go (avoiding bars, clubs, etc)
  • Avoiding or coping with triggering situations or events
  • How to cope when triggers cannot be avoided
  • Proactive steps that you can take (regular therapy, AA, etc)

Putting all of these elements together should leave you with a cohesive plan that will help you to stay sober and healthy for the long term.

It is important to remember that, whatever stage of recovery you find yourself at, it is always vital to stay proactive and not be complacent about your sobriety.

Aftercare and Support Services Once Rehab has been Completed

a bumpy road

The first few weeks of recovery are perhaps the most challenging, but you will have come a long way in your recovery by the time you leave the clinic after 28 days of treatment.

Still, it is so important to remember that your recovery story is only just beginning and that staying in sobriety for the long term will require a lot of hard work and dedication.

The team at Rehab 4 Alcoholism are here to help you in any way we can. Please see the Aftercare section of our website for more detailed information on how we can help.

You should also take advantage of the local addiction services listed below, once you have left your drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon.

1. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was one of the world’s first organisations dedicated to providing support for recovering alcoholics.

Founded in 1935, AA has chapters all over the world, including many here in the United Kingdom. AA is based around the 12-step programme, which you can read more about on their website.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a similar organisation which provides free support groups for those who have struggled with illicit substance addiction.

Both of these groups have regular meetings near Stratford Upon Avon, the details of which can be found on their respective websites.

2, SMART Recovery

For those who don’t feel particularly comfortable with the spiritual leanings of AA and NA, there is a strong alternative to be found in the SMART recovery network.

SMART does not treat alcoholism or drug addiction as a spiritual affliction as AA does. Instead, they view addiction as a psychological and behavioural problem that can be treated clinically.

The go-to therapy used in SMART facilities is cognitive behavioural therapy, but they have a range of other treatments available.

SMART is an American foundation that operates worldwide. Search ‘SMART recovery Stratford Upon Avon’ to find out what resources the organisation has available near you.

3. Al-Anon Family Group meetings

Al-Anon is an organisation for those who are not alcoholics themselves but have been affected by the alcohol abuse and addiction of someone whom they care about.

This is usually because family members are partners, who often receive the worst aspects of an alcoholic’s behaviour whilst they are still in active addiction.

Al-Anon provides a safe and supportive environment for those people to talk about these experiences and hear from others in the same situation.

Search ‘Al-Anon Stratford Upon Avon’ to find out more about the organisation and to see where your closest regular meeting is held.

4. Outpatient treatment via a local Drug & Alcohol team in Stratford Upon Avon

As you will know, your recovery journey is only just starting when you leave the rehab clinic, and it would be wise to take full advantage of the various types of addiction treatment on offer in your community.

Specifically, you should ask your doctor about the possibility of connecting with your local drug & alcohol outreach team in Stratford Upon Avon.

Every local NHS trust has measures in place for helping people in active addiction or recovery. Book an appointment today and ask your GP what they have on offer.

Get Addiction Help in Stratford Upon Avon

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Living with addiction is one of the hardest things that a person can go through, but please know that help is just a phone call away.

If you are ready to move forward into addiction treatment, we can help you to find the best help available at a high-quality private drug & alcohol rehab in Stratford Upon Avon.

Call Rehab 4 Alcoholism free on 0800 111 4108 if calling from the UK. Charges may apply if not calling from a UK landline.

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