Luxury & Bespoke Rehabs in Barbados & Mauritius

Here, we outline some of the luxury rehab offerings we bring to you in Mauritius and in Barbados. In these countries, we have access to a number of exclusive rehabilitation clinics that are perfect for people who seek to undergo addiction treatment outside of the United Kingdom, perhaps for privacy concerns. For instance, you may be a celebrity or some other high profile individual and going to rehab in the UK may damage your reputation or the reputation of your organization. In this instance, it really makes sense to consider going to rehab in either Barbados or Mauritius.

These luxury rehab clinics in Barbados and Mauritius are operated by private concerns. You cannot access these facilities through the NHS. You must fund treatment costs yourself. However, when you attend one of these facilities, the quality of care and therapy is excellent. The facilities may also be described as ‘luxurious’ by any possible objective standard. You may view the brochure for luxury rehab facilities by contacting Rehab 4 Alcoholism today on 0800 111 4108.

When should you consider going to rehab in Barbados or Mauritius?

It’s perhaps the case that going to rehab in Barbados or Mauritius is not the best way forward for most people. This is because the United Kingdom is well served with a number of quality of rehabilitation clinics. To discover the rehab clinics we recommend in the United Kingdom, get in touch with us today on 0800 111 4108.

However, there will be certain situations when it definitely makes sense to go to rehab in Barbados or Mauritius. For instance, when you need to protect your privacy, going to rehab abroad really does make sense. In Barbados or Mauritius, the media spotlight will literally be thousands of miles away. Also, there will be no risk of media leaks about your presence in the rehab clinic. Thus, going to rehab in Barbados or Mauritius has the key advantage of confidentiality that’s generally not available when you choose to attend rehab in the United Kingdom.

Another key advantage of attending rehab in Barbados or Mauritius is that you will be surrounded by other clients who are socially similar to yourself. The expense barrier for entering these rehab clinics means you will only mix with other high paying clients. ‘Statutory’ clients cannot access these rehabs because they are not available through the NHS and the high fees charged by these rehab clinics mean they are effectively the reserve of the rich and/or famous.

These luxury rehab clinics in Barbados or Mauritius are also highly pleasant and comfortable. You will be given your own luxury apartment or suite. You will not be required to share your sleeping quarters with others and you will not need to cook or clean during your stay. These luxuries clearly allow rehab clinics in Barbados and Mauritius to stand out from the crowd. You will also benefit from luxury treatments such as spa, massage, a private gym and daily excursions. These extras will allow you to maintain a positive state of mind throughout your stay.

What are the costs of going to rehab in Barbados or Mauritius?

Luxury rehab in Barbados or Mauritius certainly is not inexpensive. The rehab in Mauritius costs £20,000 per month and the rehab in Barbados costs £35,000 per week or £140,000 per month (for 6-star facilities). When you contact Rehab 4 Alcoholism, we shall outline the prices in detail, and we will usually be able to offer you a discount on the prices charged by these rehab clinics if you were to approach them directly. To benefit from luxury rehab, contact us today on 0800 111 4108.

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