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Rehab 4 Alcoholism is able to match you to multiple drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Banbury. We offer a free and comprehensive assessment to ensure your needs are best met throughout the process.

Understanding Treatment Options in Banbury

Rehab 4 Alcoholism offers treatment options in the West Midlands area to suit most budgets. Those on a budget may opt for a home detox programme. Another ‘mid-range’ option is an ‘outpatient’ treatment programme. Home or outpatient treatment programmes are ideally suited for those suffering from a mild addiction to alcohol.

Residential treatment in the West Midlands

Chronic alcoholics should instead consider a fully residential rehabilitation programme. Such a programme requires patients to live in the rehab centre for around four to six weeks whilst treatment is provided for.

Unlike home or outpatient treatment, a residential treatment programme addresses the emotional and psychological triggers of addition to structured counselling and therapy sessions. Patient live within the centre meaning patients are removed from temptations prohibiting recovery existing in the outside world.

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Detox treatment in the West Midlands

Residential treatment first tackles detox. During detox, patients flush all alcohol toxins from their system. A pre-detox assessment takes place. This assessment is conducted by a consultant psychiatrist. Based on information gathered during assessment a personalised rehabilitation plan is drawn up. During detox, patients experience a range of withdrawal symptoms.

The psychiatrist prescribes a course of medication designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms to a comfortable level. Medication typically includes chlordiazepoxide and other benzodiazepine-type drugs.

Common withdrawal symptoms suffered during alcohol detox include depression, anxiety, stomach ache, muscle cramp, shakes, tremors and hallucinations. These symptoms typically last for around five to twelve days depending on the duration and severity of addiction.

Throughout detox, patients receive 24/7 medical observation. Patients are surrounded by professional medical staff throughout the ‘acute’ detox phase. Common housekeeping such as cooking, cleaning and laundry are provided for by the centre’s support staff. Patients also receive vitamin and mineral supplements throughout detox.

Therapy and counselling sessions

Once patients’ withdrawal symptoms are successfully treated, rehab shifts to treating the underlying psychological and emotional causes of addiction. Rehab centres in the West Midlands provide therapy through one-to-one sessions with a counsellor or in group settings.

Group therapy sessions allow patients a platform to interact and learn with one another. Individual therapy sessions are ‘one-to-one’ with a therapist. Compared to group therapy sessions, one-to-one sessions are much more private and intensive.

West Midlands rehab centres employ a range of modern therapy techniques. For instance, cognitive behavioural therapy helps patients identify ‘triggers of addiction’. Centres also employ a range of ‘holistic therapy’ techniques such as mindfulness, acupuncture, music therapy, art therapy and yoga. Holistic therapy aims to improve patients’ overall sense of well-being. Some centres also teach the ‘12-step’ approach.

Aftercare planning

Once rehabilitation draws to a conclusion, West Midland’s residential centres draw up a fully personalised aftercare plan. This plan helps patients avoid relapse during the first twelve months once rehabilitation has concluded. Aftercare sessions generally take place on a Saturday afternoon at the rehabilitation centre where patients attended.

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Rehab 4 Alcoholism offers safe and secure alcohol detoxification treatment throughout the United Kingdom. Centres are typically residential in nature and offer a diverse range of treatment plans depending on the severity of addiction and personal wishes of patients.

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