How Can Al-Anon Help?

Al-Anon is a fellowship group that’s specifically aimed at those who have been affected by a loved one’s alcoholism. Al-Anon also hosts support group meetings for teens under the Alateen project.

Al-Anon was created by the spouse of Bill W. If you didn’t know, Bill W. is famous for creating Alcoholics Anonymous. Bill’s wife, Lois, started Al-Anon, however, it is said that Bill conceived the concept as a way of consolidating the many family support groups that sprouted from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Al-Anon adopted the 12 Steps approach. However, the 12 Steps has been adapted to the needs of family members of alcoholics. Today, Al-Anon meetings take place in most towns and cities in the United Kingdom. You are able to locate a group that’s close to your location by checking Al-Anon’s UK website.

To join an Al-Anon meeting, your loved one does not need to be in recovery. In fact, many Al-Anon members will attend meetings despite their loved ones unwillingness to embrace recovery.

The aim of Al-Anon is not merely about assisting loved ones in overcoming alcoholism. Al-Anon’s purpose is to allow members to generate hope and happiness in each other’s lives.

During Al-Anon meetings, you will be given the opportunity to share your personal experiences with other members. Likewise, you will be able to listen to stories told by other members who are experiencing similar issues to yourself.

Al-Anon recognises the fact that alcoholism is a family disease. During Al-Anon meetings, other members will help you develop the tools that are needed to help you cope with a loved one’s alcoholism. You will also be given the knowledge to assist your loved one in embracing his or her sobriety.

If you live in a big city, you should expect to be joined by around 25-30 people when you attend a local Al-Anon meeting. Large groups are split up into groups of around 5 people to ensure each person is given an opportunity to contribute to the group.

Your meeting will begin with a short introduction and a reading of the 12 Steps. Members will then be given the opportunity to discuss their experiences and stories with one another. When it’s time for the meeting to conclude, members will be encouraged to share hugs.