Help for Your Patient

Referring your patient into a drug or alcohol rehab clinic via Rehab 4 Alcoholism could not be easier. Our addiction helpline workers are on hand to assist you every step of the way.

We maintain a national network of drug and alcohol rehab providers, so we are likely able to assist your patient in accessing suitable rehab treatment within your local area.

We are able to arrange privately funded rehab as well as insurance funded rehab. We are also able to advise on publicly funded rehab options across the United Kingdom. We accept self-referrals from patients themselves. We also offer an intervention service. This is particularly useful where your patient’s family members are attempting to facilitate a loved one’s entry into a rehab clinic, even where there the individual addict may be reluctant to do so.

Of course, we also accept referrals via medical practitioners like yourself.

How to refer your patient

Below, we outline the exact steps that will allow you to refer your patient via our free helpline:

  1. Contact our admissions team: we are able to discuss your patient’s case with you in confidence. All information we discuss will be held according to the strictest possible confidentiality
  2. Information gathering: during your initial call, we gather information relating to your patient’s drug or alcohol addiction
  3. Physical and mental health assessment: we also gather information regarding any physical or mental health problems your patient is experiencing: we may require sight of your patient’s medical records – this will help better inform us of treatment options that are right for your patient’s needs
  4. Consultation with a psychiatrist: once we refer your patient’s details onto a local drug and alcohol rehab clinic, a consultant psychiatrist may contact you to discuss your patient’s state of physical and mental health. This psychiatrist may also wish to discuss your patient’s addiction history and any associated physical and mental issues this has given rise to over the last few years

Once the above is completed, your patient will begin a detox and rehab programme at a local drug and alcohol rehab clinic. All treatment is personalised to your patient’s exact needs. A robust treatment plan is put in place. All rehab clinics we recommend offer extensive aftercare on an outpatient basis. This ensures your patient’s needs are being met once the residential portion of rehab has concluded.

Following your patient’s admission into a drug or alcohol rehab clinic, you will be able to directly liaise with staff at the rehab clinic in order to receive updates on your patient’s progress. Once your patient is discharged, you will receive a full discharge report. The consultant psychiatrist will also be made available for you to receive a full oral update on the progress your patient has made during his or her rehab programme.

Getting in touch today

Rehab 4 Alcoholism is the UK’s leading drug and alcohol rehab matching service. To gain access to our vast knowledge, contact us today on 0800 111 4108.