Sobriety Calculator

A life of addiction is not a desirable one as it not only negatively affects the addict but also their family and friends.

Addiction, whether it’s of alcohol or drugs will affect your physical health and put you at risk of getting some life-threatening ailments like HIV Aids and Hepatitis C through the sharing of needles, and even cancer [1].

Besides the health risks, there is also a high likelihood that your addiction will bring around financial problems.

This may lead to you losing your job, home, or any other property.

Moreover, addiction always breaks relationships with family and friends. If you are looking to successfully recover from your addiction, taking advantage of a sobriety calculator can come in handy.

What is a sobriety calculator?

In simple terms, a sobriety calculator is an app designed to help you keep track of your sobriety. If you are starting your sobriety journey, you will need to input your start date and time.

If you already began your sobriety, you can also have an input of the time and date you started.

Once you do this, the sobriety calculator will help you know the years, months, weeks, hours, and even minutes that you have stayed sober.

Why do you need a sobriety calculator?

According to reliable statistics, today in the U.S, close to two people out of every seven is struggling with a substance addiction problem [2].

This indicates that more than 40 million Americans above the age of 12 are dealing with an addiction problem in the country. Here’s why you need a sobriety calculator to successful walk the recovery journey.

1. To track your recovery

Sobriety is not an easy undertaking, and it can be very easy to relapse to your addiction, especially when you become stressed. Having a sobriety calculator and keeping track of your recovery can be an encouragement at such times.

If you have managed to stay sober the time you have, why would you want to throw that away?

Keeping track of your recovery will also allow you to celebrate your achievements like anniversaries. This is very encouraging in the tough journey of addiction recovery.

2. Easily access recovery resources

Apart from keeping track of your progress, a sobriety calculator will also provide you with easy access to recovery resources [3].

These recovery resources include publications with helpful information on how to beat your addiction.

In addition to this, you will also find encouraging materials such as testimonials from former addicts which will help you keep fighting on.

3. Grant you privacy in your recovery progress

You might not be willing to let everybody know that you are recovering from an addiction. In this case, a sobriety calculator will give you the privacy you need to lead an ordinary life during your recovery journey [3].

Since the sobriety calculator is an app for your phone, it is personal. It’s improbable that someone else will have access to it.

Sometimes you may relapse despite your determination and decide to start your recovery again, thanks to this privacy; you can do this without pressure.

4. Provide access to a support community and professional help

Through the sobriety calculator app, you can be able to engage with a community of other recovering addicts who will provide you with the support you need to be successful [3].

Additionally, if you are looking for professional help, it can be much easier to find it here.

The icing on the cake, in this case, is that it’s all done online, and you will never have to give up your identity. This privacy is very convenient if you don’t want your addiction recovery to interfere with your day to day life.

When should you celebrate your sobriety?

You got the sobriety calculator on your phone, and now you can keep track of your recovery progress. You must be wondering – when should you celebrate your sobriety?

As already mentioned, addiction recovery is not an easy journey, and due to this, you should celebrate your wins whenever you can. Doing this will give you the positive reinforcement that will help you avoid relapsing.

Some people celebrate their sobriety weekly, others monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually, and so on. How often you celebrate your sobriety depends on your recovery journey.

If you are just beginning your recovery journey, it is more advisable that you start by celebrating your sobriety weekly before graduating to monthly.

You can go on and after three months, six months, one year do other celebrations. The sobriety calculator will come in handy in helping you schedule your celebrations.

You must celebrate your sobriety weekly when you start your recovery journey as the first few months are always the toughest.

It is during this period that you need all the encouragement that you can get, celebrating your sobriety regularly will provide this.

Setting sobriety goals

For you to increase the chances of your success in sobriety, and minimize the probability of having a relapse, you need to set sobriety goals.

According to a study done in JAMA in 2014, roughly 40% to 60% of addicts relapse within their first year of recovery [4].

Sadly, even more, recovering addicts’ relapse in their second year.

With a sobriety calculator, you can easily set goals, and this will help you maintain your progress during recovery. You can start by setting a sobriety goal of one week, and after achieving it do a celebration, then set another goal.

Keep in mind that you should set achievable goals that do not take you lots of struggle to reach. If you set your first sobriety goal too high and not meet it and this can be discouraging.

Use the sobriety calculator to start small and grow your goals for a successful recovery.

What can you do for celebration?

If you want to celebrate your sobriety, you can do anything that does not put you at risk of relapse.

Here are some ideas:

  • Go for a picnic and explore nature
  • Do some volunteer work
  • Go for a trip
  • Partake in sporting activities

With the sobriety calculator, your recovery journey will be smoother. Why don’t you get one given all the benefits?