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Alcohol addiction seriously damages a sufferer’s health as well as one’s professional and social life. Alcohol addiction carries psychological as well as physical consequences. The more you drink the harder it is to stop. A cycle of addiction seems impossible to shake off.  But do not worry as help is at hand.

Rehab 4 Alcoholism provides independent advice for those seeking alcohol rehab. We offer treatment programmes throughout the United Kingdom. Residential alcohol rehab is by far the most effective and intense form of treatment available today. Patients live in the centre for the duration of treatment. This means confidentiality and discretion are some of the advantages of residential treatment.

During initial detoxification, an array of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms can arise. You receive round-the-clock medical observation by a team of experts. Pharmaceutical drugs are offered to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Since patients receive treatment safe within the boundaries of the centre ‘triggers’ giving rise to addictive behaviours are absent. As alcohol withdrawal causes dangerous ‘withdrawal symptoms’, detoxification in the absence of professional medical assistance is potentially life-threatening.

Initial detoxification

Residential rehab begins with initial detoxification which aims to break this dangerous cycle once and for all. Initial detoxification includes 24-hour day medical observation. During detoxification, alcohol is allowed to exit the body entirely.

During detoxification prescription drugs such as tranquillisers are offered. Prescription drugs decrease the likelihood of patients suffering from cardiac arrest when conditions such as delirium tremens arise.

Once the patients’ condition stabilises during detoxification the psychological aspects of addiction are treated. Therapy sessions are required to teach patients coping strategies.  Coping strategies allow patients to avoid relapse after leaving the rehab centre.

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Our admissions team at Rehab 4 Alcoholism have established strong relationships with a number of rehab centres throughout the United Kingdom. Our advice is fully independent. You are placed in a centre best suited to treating your particular addiction. Call our team on 0800 111 4108.

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