Alcohol Rehab Treatment for the Elderly

At Rehab 4 Alcoholism we offer bespoke alcohol treatment for those of you who are over sixty-five years old. Studies reveal there is a growth in ‘late-onset alcoholism’. People who drank very little alcohol for the majority of their life begin to drink alcohol later in life for a variety of reasons. The elderly increase their level of drinking often to kill pain, reduce boredom or to help them sleep at night.

Because these people were not previously heavy drinkers, their alcoholism often goes unnoticed by those closest to them. Since the population’s proportion of elderly people is set to grow over the next twenty years, ‘late onset’ alcoholism is also set to become a much more common problem.

The dangers of late-onset alcoholism

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol is particularly unhealthy for those of us who are over the age of sixty-five years old. Now the kidney’s ability to filter blood is reduced. Thus the elderly establish a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) much quicker than do younger drinkers. The elderly are also more likely to mix alcohol with prescription drugs, often with dangerous consequences.

Furthermore, the elderly who drink alcohol are much more likely to suffer from depression. Such problems are compounded by the fact that the elderly are much less likely to seek out help for their drinking problem. This is especially the case for drinkers who were before not known for their excessive drinking habits.

If you are an elderly person who is concerned about your level of drinking, it is vitally important you seek out help immediately.

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Treatment options for elderly alcoholics

At Rehab 4 Alcoholism we offer a vast range of treatment options for the elderly who suffer from alcoholism. Treatment options vary from a home detox to outpatient and residential treatment. Each treatment option has its own particular merits. The most appropriate form of treatment largely depends on your unique needs.

When you call Rehab 4 Alcoholism a counsellor will conduct a thorough pre-admission assessment and then recommend the form of treatment we feel is most suited to your particular needs.

Generally, we recommend residential alcohol treatment. Here your elderly relative will live in the rehab centre whilst undergoing treatment for his or her alcoholism. When alcohol consumption is suddenly brought to a halt, your loved one will experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This is a process known as ‘detoxification’.

To prevent the onset of withdrawal symptoms your elderly relative will be assessed by a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will assess the prescription medications your relative is currently consuming. Generally, our psychiatrist prescribes a course of Librium. This drug reduces alcoholism-induced withdrawal symptoms to a safe level.

Therapy sessions for elderly alcoholics

Once detox concludes your elderly relative will engage in therapy sessions. These sessions treat the underlying mental causes of alcoholism. Therapy helps your relative examine the emotional, physical and mental reasons for drinking alcohol. Patients are then taught ways to cope with physical and mental pain in ways that do not involve drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

Aftercare your loved one will receive

Treatment generally lasts for between twenty-one and twenty-eight days. Once residential treatment is complete an action plan is drawn up aiming to reduce relapse once the patient is re-integrated life outside the rehabilitation centre. Patients are encouraged to attend local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Rehab centres generally offer extensive aftercare sessions for a further twelve months following the residential stage of rehabilitation.

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